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Welcome to the world of Cristalia, an action RPG for Android.

The first episode named Crystals will bring you action and adventure ! Through battles and exploration you will free the realm and bring back the magic crystals to their keepers.

The game is under active development, on my spare time. Almost all my spare time.

If you want to help, you can give any amount of money using the "donate" button. Every little bit helps.
With this money:
-i'll be able to buy the phones that'll help me ensuring that this game runs smoothly on any device. Phones are terribly expensive
-i'll buy resources for the game ( music and gfx ) - not everything is free
-it'll be kind of encouraging, really :)
-i'll feed my cats.

Feel free to leave a comment.
Thanks a lot !

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Current project state

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Last weeks, I worked on implementing basic features of an action RPG games. This was not quite easy, as the first try always lead to gameplay questions and re-factoring answers.


Putting people was not really hard. I had all the gfx for it. The tricky part here that there were a bit of code re-factoring to do. Things are rather nice now as we have a basic object called "Being" that does basic things. This being is animated and can have a specific behaviour. For now, only the "walk around" behaviour as been coded, just for the proof of concept. Having people walking around the town really puts some life in the game.


People are not really interesting if they only move around. Any rpg game has a basic story, and speaking NPC's helps to make the game more realistic. They usually share a single thought but it's enough to give a bit of taste to the game. I implemented a simple interaction feature. When you click on a being or even on an object (designed for) you can fire an interaction. The "clicking" feature has been a bit hard to tweak. The main problem was that it was not really responsive. Clicking on a people usually led to nothing and you had to click several times to manage to fire the interaction. After some tweaks involving maths, cogs and java, the system is really good now.


When I started to code the Cristallia engine, I only had my old Android Dev Phone. It's an 1.6 device running on a 480*320 screen resolution (and was damn expensive when I bought it :(). Today's phones are more powerfull, have better screen resolution and newer Android version.

When you're developing on Android, you always have to test your program on many phones, especially when it's a game. Screens are different, OpenGL is not implemented the same way, Touch screens are not the same. It's a bit messy. Luckily, my previous game, Pocoro, made me earn a Nexus One from Google. After a bit of testing, I knew that I had to change things on my engine. On such a big screen with this humongous amount of pixels everywhere, the sprites were really small. Too small.

So I decided, that on any phone, the display should be the same or at least very similar. I just need to test this on a QVGA screen (sony X10 mini and HTC wildfire)


Any action RPG is a lot less fun with no weapon in it. Implementing weapons has been easy so far. Things are not finished but as a proof of concept, the hero can draw his sword upon clicking the screen. Any being identified as a foe is hit when the sword touches him. For now, only drawing and hit detection works. I have to implements a life point system, add other weapons such as a spear, a bow, for the least.

That's all for now :). If you guys have any comment or advice, I'll be very glad to read them!

Mahkia - - 15 comments

Been a big fan of those tiles for some time now, and I'm a sucker for RPGs. Also, yay Android! Keeping an eye on this one!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Orac| - - 896 comments

Nice looking screenshots... I'll watch this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
monsieur_max Creator
monsieur_max - - 40 comments

Thanks a lot :) The tileset for this game are from lostgarden and another free resource.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Elegroth - - 36 comments

Nice work so far, can't wait to see the finished product.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
monsieur_max Creator
monsieur_max - - 40 comments

thanks :) i'm currently working on putting people, foes and weapon system

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