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Cradle features a groundbreaking fast-paced system for melee combat driven by your intent and purpose. When you attack in Cradle it is not a stand-in for a random number generator, the actual strike of your weapon is what determines damage. Cradle’s highly responsive attack and movement systems provide unprecedented control and fluidity in player movement and combat. In Cradle, you fight with your wits and your reflexes, not dice.

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RSS Aderyn's Cradle Pre-Alpha Combat Showcase
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Cradle's Realfight Combat System is a new way to fight that uses proprietary technologies developed by Mojo Game Studios along with improvements over previous systems which all come together to bring you an unprecedented level of dynamic control.

Deterministic Animations: Where you aim on your opponent determines the attack you execute. If you aim at the head of an opponent with a sword, for example, you are given only the attack options that would make sense for striking at someone’s head with a sword. The same goes for arms, legs, and any other area you zero in on. Simply by aiming and clicking the left or right mouse button, you are able to choose in real time not just where, but how you will strike.
Order Determinism: Where you last struck has an effect on how your next attack will play out. This system adds fluidity and reactivity to first-person melee. In Cradle, if you have a sword and want to do a slash right at the torso of an opponent, followed directly by a slash left, simply aim at the right torso and click the right mouse button, then aim at the left torso and click the left mouse button. The result is a continuous slash to the right and back from the left; no awkwardly returning to idle in the middle of your chained attacks. RealFight lets you lay down fast and fluid combos like never before!
Block/Parry Weight: Not all weapons are equal, and not all attacks can be blocked. In Cradle, each weapon has a unique weight that determines its ability to withstand blows from another weapon. Because of this relativity, when to block and when to dodge becomes a strategic decision. Parries are anticipatory, and happen when two weapons collide in combat.
Directional Blocking: Very precise blocking as you shift right, left, up and down
Proximity determinism: When your character gets too close to an opponent to swing their weapon, it instead pushes the opponent backwards to create space. After that, you can charge right back into the fray, with the distance you