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A multiplayer First person shooter, not meant to be taken seriously but to be enjoyed with friends. Influence upcoming weapons, vehicles, and maps by adding your suggestions on our forums at www.blueravengames.com/forums Taken to a new level with the Unity 3D engine and Photon Networking!

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Small Update


Thanks for checking our our small update guys! More is to come in the later weeks but til then enjoy!

|Voice Chat|
We've been implementing voice chat into the game at the moment, we are also working on a local and a radio system to accompany the other parts of the system.

We are working on larger maps for the possibility of having more players with a large scale map

Forest- Generic name but it is what it is... A large forest environment with a wwii feel on them, abandoned camps throughout and caves leading to weapon pick ups and in other modes capture and detonation areas.

Sewers- underground tubes made of mind blowing 3d objects! Sounds bad but believe me, it probably wont be...

In other news, we are always interested in adding new weapons to the game! If you have a concept you would like to share with the developers please join our forum at www.Blueravengames.com/forums and share with us!

Thanks again for checking out our small update and make sure to track our game to get news about our game! As a great man once said "track CVP to learn about new updates and exclusives"
Man was he wise...

New maps and game modes incoming!

New maps and game modes incoming!


New Maps! New Modes New Player Models New Weapons!

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