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Counter Agents is a spy-themed, head-to-head multiplayer game where your objective is to sneak around guards, steal the briefcase, and make it to an exit point before your opponent. Take on the solo-player challenges, compete with your friends in multiplayer mode, and enjoy creating your own maps with the brilliantly simple level editor!

Counter Agents originally started as a student program prototype project during the Fall of 2015 and gradually took shape to what it is today. The original goal was to take an arcade game dating 1983 or earlier and build off of existing mechanics to create something new and unique. The game we were inspired by was 005 (1981), one of the very first stealth games. Of the various 005 game modes, we loved the scenes where you had to avoid policemen with flashlights. We took this idea and created a customizable multiplayer experience with more 3D levels. Keeping the project alive between projects, we have playtested, iterated and polished Counter Agents tirelessly over the past year. Now we’re excited to finally bring it to Steam!

Key Features:

  • Three game modes include Single Player Challenge, Multiplayer (1-4 players), and Level Editor. The goal of each mode is to find and steal a briefcase and escape, all while avoiding guards, detectives, and other players.
  • Top-down view of a 3D environment. There are 3 floors that promote clever level design and strategy.
  • Level editor has a simple UI with a drag and drop mechanic so that anyone can create complex designs. Players can post levels to the online community for anyone to play and rate.
  • All original music and audio by our composer, Lance Montgomery.
  • Counter Agents will be completely free! No in-game purchases, and no priced DLC. We promise that all updates and bonus content will not have a price.
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I'm a texter and not much familiar with Gaming area. When I received a new order by a small company of online game developers I was excited. It turned out that the games also need a high content of text. People tend to play silently when they are in buses or trains on their way to work.

I had to do a lot of research first. My experience was not big in this area. What helped me the most was trying all games they offered. Just to see how gamers think when playing. Seeing more movies including gaming graphics made me realize that people love the way games work. They show characters of people science fiction aliens or animals who can be described in a simple way. You can say if they are the heroes or the evil part of the game. What also counts is the story of every character. Gamers want to feel a connection. Reaching the next level is not the reason why many love to play. It's the whole package and also the community. It's like a virtual world you can dive into whenever you want.

With my Werbeagentur Freising I created a strategy for all required texts. This was an interesting journey for me. I had to move from my comfort zone and think outside the box.

I wonder what you guys think about this? How do you play? What do you think is most important regarding the characters of the game? How do you know if the characters are good or bad ?

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