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After an catastrophic explosion you and your cargo ship become stuck on a foreign planet. Luckily you have Wordsworth, a artificially intelligent survival assistant who will guide your survival and keep you company while you wait for the rescue ship to arrive.

However, keeping yourself alive will be the easiest part of your stay. Ravaging hallucinations of your fear and stress threaten you at every turn. In order to see your life as you knew it again you will have to conquer the demons of your mind.


Contingency's gameplay mixes exploration platforming, fast paced combat and frequent weapon strategy decisions. You will discover a number of enemies all with different strengths and weaknesses. Weapon upgrades will allow you to best conquer the different enemy challenges you encounter. Suit upgrades will let you navigate terrain differently and complete new challenges.

  • Encounter different enemies and challenges with every run
  • Choose weapon upgrades frequently to beat challenges
  • Discover many animals and collect unique items
  • Discover a strange narrative and learn why the mysterious shadow man is following you
  • Get to know Wordsworth and his terrible sense of humor
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It's finally ready! Head over to Steam and spend your cash or marine creatures for an experience you won't forget! All you have to lose are some braincells.

Post your fastest runs to Twitter with a screenshot of the game winning screen with the tag #contingencyrun or in the Steam community forums for the game. I think that there will be some people who can get through the game really quickly!

Some of the final updates leading to launch are quality of life changes and bug fixes. Your custom controls now save and more explanations have been woven in for the more complicated aspects of the game.

Enjoy some screenshots!






Screen Shot 2019 08 24 at 11 37

CONTINGENCY Devlog - New Places to Find Gross Meat

CONTINGENCY Devlog - New Places to Find Gross Meat


Who doesn't like to go exploring for raw meat, there's nothing finer.

Contingency Devlog - Interconnected Items

Contingency Devlog - Interconnected Items


Items on items. I hope you like RGB, because all of these new items do.

CONTINGENCY Devlog - Flowery Features

CONTINGENCY Devlog - Flowery Features


The many ways consumable items interact in the world.

CONTINGENCY Devlog - BOSS Mini-Bosses

CONTINGENCY Devlog - BOSS Mini-Bosses


Randomly generated boss attack patterns. Why are big monsters always so angry?

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