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Wally the Crocodile lives in a crocodile sanctuary in Far North Queensland Australia. He yearned for all the food he saw the park guests eating at the nearby food-court. But, there was a sign reading, "Do not feed the crocodile". One day Wally got up on this hind legs and scratched the 'not' off the sign to read "do feed the crocodile". Now everyone feeds wally. Three ways to play: Croc Bites with 3 lives. Death Roll with 1 life. Feeding Frenzy where Wally gets bombarded with food and you must keep up his life meter. Fast action and fun. Appropriate for all ages.

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Chomp game


Chomp! is a fast paced one player game where the player controls Wally the Crocodile to catch hamburgers, steak, hotdogs, pizza and other food items coming from all directions and angles.

Chomp! has three game modes and various difficulty levels including Feeding Frenzy where Wally the Crocodile is bombarded with food and the player must keep up his life-meter.

Chomp! is appropriate for all ages and will please children, and adults.

Ken Bingham did all the artwork, animation, and programming himself and is an independent game developer.

Ken Bingham was inspired by games such as Angry Birds and Flappy Bird to come up with a game everyone can enjoy and play.

Links: Google Play Store: Play.google.com

Youtube video: Youtube.com

Facebook page: Facebook.com

Home page: Chomp-game

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