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This is my website, that features all of my work from, pixel art, my games, and collections, plus more will be added over time. Its not just going to be a website about myself it will actually be a game, as i develop it more, you will be able to collect collectables, play various Mini-games, and use items to progress to other areas of the site or games. It will be a kind of game the combines my work with games in like a "Mash up" style, and informational on games old and new. i'm learning game development and will eventually add tutorials, videos and much more as my knowledge grows. It is intended to be fun and a different take on a normal website by being a bit more interactive with the user. i hope you enjoy it as much as i do creating it.

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Chasersgaming website


Updating my website, I thought it would be cool to be able to talk to me in a point and click style for the 'about me' page. i love point and click games and i'm loving this, hope you guys will too. Also what can happen now is with the inventory items that you can collect on the site you will be able to bring them to me and i can tell you what they are and maybe even give you a hint as to what best to use it for.
very early days but its coming together nicely.

Working on a costume that you can change into using the inventory, so you can have you own styled avatar, more costumes will become available as the site progresses, these will be able to be purchased from the characters stores with the coins you collect on the site once its all in place.

i will update again soon.

thanks everyone.



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Chasersgaming website will have game like features.

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