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What is Cellyon: Boss Confrontation ?

Cellyon: Boss Confrontation is a brand new co-operative multiplayer game that offers you a boss fight experience similar to an MMORPG instance.


The main difference between Cellyon and the other MMORPPG-like games ?

You skip character leveling and gear grinding so you can focus your full tactical skills on fighting the boss.

Before the fight, you have to choose your class and role. Then, you join 3 other players through the matchmaking system and battle directly against one of the fearsome boss of the game. Each battle lasts 5 to 10 minutes.

Once the battle is over, claim your cosmetic loot !

The battle gameplay in Cellyon requires that the player learn to aim and dodge at the right moment : this is a dynamic and technical experience !

Game modes

The Hunt : In this PVE mode , your party faces a powerful boss and tries to take it down

The Rift : In this competitive mode your party fights a boss while another party in a parallel universe fights the same boss. The first team to take down the boss or the last team to die wins the game. However players have in this mode a new ability : the Trance.

The Trance allow them to hinder the opposite team by setting traps, attacking them directly or other nasty tricks.

Cellyon: Boss Maker : In this mode, you can create your own boss battle where you will control every variable of the battle, from the players' life bars to the effects of spells. Then, you will be able to share it with the community via the Steam Workshop so that the community can experience your personal vision of danger.

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Adapting raids and dungeons to a dynamic and competitive environment is the ambition of the studio Sentry Games.

In a modernized steampunk world, you will fight, as a team of 4, the awful children of Cellyon. Inspired by the most famous MMORPGs (WoW, FFXIV, SWOTR), the indie team from Sentry Games offers you a raid-only experience where all the bosses are accessible directly without any level or equipment system.

Exit the open world and the long hours of farming, you can now jump directly to the thrill of challenging boss fights in Cellyon: Boss Confrontation.

And that is not all! Sentry Games is currently developing the Rift: an innovative game mode where you will get to check if you are really the best roaster on the e-sport scene. In this mode, two teams of players are independently fighting the same boss, in different realities. The fights take place simultaneously, and players can move from one world to another to disrupt the strategy of their opponents. The first team to beat their boss wins the game.

In addition, for the most creative ones among you, you will be able to create your own bosses and classes thanks to Cellyon: Boss Maker, a tool makes especially for you! For the first time, you will be able to share your creations with the community and get featured in regular highlights.

Through the crowdfunding, they want to share their vision of a new kind of e-sport genre and reignite the golden age of raids and instances.

Started on October 15th, the Kickstarter campaign raised 50% of its goal in less than 48h. Discover it now: Kickstarter.com

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