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Cayle Online is a multiplayer space combat arena game. Select a ship, equip some additional gear and team up with your mates. Warp into different arenas and defend objectives against waves of enemies or show your skill and fight against other players.

Unlock new ships and equipment after matches. Each class provides different attributes and skills, which gives them a unique feeling during combat and allow them to handle certain situations more efficient.

Core Game Modes

  • Cooperative mode against AI (up to 6 players)
  • Competitive mode (1v1, 6v6, custom)

Further Features

  • Choose between (currently) 5 different ships
  • Customize your loadout
  • Fight in 2 different arenas (more will follow)


If you want to learn more about Cayle Online and stay up to date, follow Cayle Online on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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2k18 Map Rework


Hi folks,

I'm currently working on a rework of "Blackfield" which is the current Co-Op map. Created few new Asteroids for it.

The new Blackfield map brings tactical advantages for dodging missiles from hostile units. Also got some new visuals effects.






What do you think about the first preview of the reworked map?

During the next weeks I'll also work on a brand new 1v1 map and another map rework of a naval map.

Really looking forward to the first multiplayer test sessions on those new maps.

So stay tuned and discover more upcoming features soon

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