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  • Play with company from 2 to 4 people
  • 4 playable characters with unique skills
  • Big house with interactive environment and physics objects
  • Unreal Engine, providing high performance gaming experience
  • The high level of replayability - the location of items is randomly generated
  • A fun and addictive gameplay


Husband's goal is to find the Lover and punish him. He can:

  • Punch
  • Take small objects and throw them

Dog's goal is to help husband.

  • He can't open the doors
  • He can make "traps" for Lover
  • If he finds a lover's clothes, he can track him
  • He can bark and bite

Lover's goal is to find his clothes and to escape from the house

  • He has inventory and health
  • He can make traps for husband
  • He can die from falling from a height

Wife's goal is to prevent husband from finding a Lover

  • Beware of husband - his punches are very painful and his anger is very high
  • Help Lover to find his clothes
  • Clean up where the dog was
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List of changes for Catch a Lover update:

  • The appearance of the maps and their lightning has been completely redone. Here are some screenshots for comparison:

  • All movement animations are changed
  • The wife is tired to endure the humiliation of her loser husband, and now she can beat him with a frying pan


  • Added water pistol, its purpose you have to find out by yourself


  • All characters now have sprint [Shift] and walking [Ctrl]
  • Husband can now break doors
  • Hundreds of minor fixes and improvements

Catch a Lover: Nightmare DLC

For a small price you will get access to the dark and atmospheric version of one of the houses of the original game, as well as to two completely new characters. The goal is still the same - to track down and to defeat a lover.
Here are some screenshots and official trailer:


To the release of our DLC "Nightmare", we will launch a giveaway on IndieDB, and also a big sale of our games will begin in Steam!

Play, write reviews, offer your ideas on how to improve the game!
We will be glad to all!

Catch a Lover - Nightmare

Catch a Lover - Nightmare


We are happy to introduce our new DLC! Lets talk about it and about some changes in the original game.

Early access ending, huge update, IndieDB giveaway and launch discount

Early access ending, huge update, IndieDB giveaway and launch discount

News 4 comments

Hello everyone! In this article we will tell you about a new stage of development of our game, the latest update, the launch of a big giveaway, and a...

Catch a Lover is on Steam now!

Catch a Lover is on Steam now!


This game is about a husband who comes home to find his wife cheated on him, he has to find the lover of the wife and beat him with the help of his dog...

An overview of the game mechanics

An overview of the game mechanics


Catch a Lover is a fun multiplayer game for 2-4 players. Feel yourself in the skin of a cuckold or a lover, a burning blonde or a cute dog!



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um i play it and no lobbies show up?

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Interesting idea for a game, good luck!

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Nice idea :)

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Skellig Creator

Thank you=)

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