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  • Vanquish your foes with the legendary Blacksword!
  • Explore three beautiful and treacherous destinations, each containing multiple levels, secrets, and bossfights!
  • Become immersed in the retro music and graphics!
  • Discover maliciously difficult bonus levels!
  • Find imperceptible secrets!
  • Hunt for buried treasure!
  • Clash with hideous beasts!
  • Huck explosives and sharp things around!
  • Creatively use the environment to solve problems!
  • Challenge yourself with an arcade mode suitable for an arcade!
  • Engage in some good old fashioned high seas piracy!

The legend

There once was a magical sword cast from obsidian by the gods for the noble of will and pure of heart- but a pirate found it first.

Powerful Weapons!

Dig for buried treasure!

Boarding Axe Maneuvers!

Unleash the power of the Blacksword!

Take on the role of a black-hearted pirate and ravage the shores of three islands in a quest for power, infamy, and heaping piles of gold!

Fight beasts of the sea, platoons of bounty hunters, harmless little beach creatures, and terrified townsfolk as you take what is yours and solve every problem with violence.

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Ahoy there swashbucklers!

Four years ago I played the original Castlevania for the first time and thought to myself "Bloody hell this game is ugly and unfair." and then I made it to level three and thought "This is a goddamn gorgeous game design masterpiece" as I popped my thumb back into place after getting knocked into a hole for the hundredth time.

The only thing that could have made it better was a pirate.

CB   600x900

During bursts of inspiration I've worked on this game in small development sessions and I'm ready to put the wind in its sails and make this the next full Victorian Clambake title.

Screenshot 127

There will be stabbing


There will be treasure hunting

ezgif com gif maker 2

There will be hidden features

ezgif com gif maker 1

There will be traps

ezgif com gif maker 4

There will be secondary weapons, magical sword attacks, bossfights, secret levels, collectibles, minigames, and more- but I'm not showing just everything yet!

So if you'd like to come along on this voyage and watch Captain Blacksword develop into a finished product then follow along on Discord, Youtube, Twitter, or Steam!

Fair winds to you all!
- Evan Massie, Captain of Victorian Clambake.

Pirate Combat Platformer - Voyage Report #2

Pirate Combat Platformer - Voyage Report #2


Demo now available on Ko-Fi! Full playthrough with commentary in this devlog!

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