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Caasi’s Odyssey is the next generation rogue-adventure with unique gameplay mechanics such as a physics based damage system. In this adventure you’ll start in the darkest and deepest level of a randomly generated dungeon. Use your heroic gamer skills to survive and climb all the way up to reach the surface. You'll need courage for this one, well, not really. But get ready to laugh as you'll have to fight crazy monsters with lots of fun and crazy items! Find all the goodies you can, they'll help you on your way up… for the most part. With only one life this game is surely a challenge, walk carefully through the dungeon and survive the madness!

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Fluffy explosions, hot lightning strokes, magical shapes, powerful shockwaves, colorful blood splatters... come and watch a nice video about the new FX!

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Stay a while and listen

Welcome Rogue!

This news is all about the new special effects in Caasi's Odyssey. With the new special effects and the new special effects system - together with particle emitters, it's possible now to do a lot of magical stuff on the screen!

But hey, just watch the video and then let's talk!

Pretty nice, huh?

New FX

There were a lot of new special effects in the video. Maybe you didn't see all. So let us take a closer look of some of the new special effects:

Impact Smoke


Like the name implies this effect is triggered when a shot like the "earthball shot" impacts with the environment. Some things worth to note on this:

The smoke sprite...

  • ... always rotates to the direction of the shot (earthball) on impact.
  • ... triggers exactly in the center of the collision contact point from the shot (earthball).
  • ... is integrated into the light and shadow system (like all new special effects). Watch how the smoke sprites are shaded blue from the blue light, but only on the pixels of the sprite, who are currently affected by the light. In real life you see smoke better together with light. It's exactly like that in Caasi's Odyssey!

Damage Buff


If you find a red potion you can buff your attack damage, which triggers another new beautiful special effect. But this time something is different; it is mixed up with a particle emitter!

The damage buff sprite...

  • ... is like every other special effect affected by the light and shadow system.
  • ... is mixed up with a particle emitter, which emits skulls and leavs in the colors red and violet. There are endless possibilities of mixing special effects with particle emitters! See the example below.



The explosion effect is another example of mixed special effects with particle emitters. As you can see there is a "smoke shockwave" which spread out from the center of the effect and additionally there are some smoke particles moving and rotating a bit.

Again every effect is integrated into the light and shadow system -> Take a look at this snapshot from the .gif above (the stars particle effects are from the loot (rubies in this case (pun detected? :D)) from the chest in the middle)


There is a red light (bottom left) and a blue light (top right) outside of this image. The lights are shading particular pixels of the smoke shockwave as well as of the smoke particles in the color of the light.

Do you see how the shadow casts of the rubies are effecting the light shading as well?

Because of the interaction between al this shading functions you can even see depths in the scene like the bright area on the top right corner of the chest. It's like a naturally height map, which draws itself just because of the lights and the shadows, the smoke, the effects and so on...

My goal was to achieve a very smooth overall look where edges are rare. Because of that I wasn't satisfied with hard edge shadows like you experience in many games out there.

So I made use of the "Penumbra Effect"

Just a fast sketch ;)

Of course the shadows are adjustable in the options. So don't worry if you have a (verry) slow pc :P But you shouldn't worry at all, because the shader system in Caasi's Odyssey is ultra fast! And it must be, because you can have more than 10 realtime lightsources at the same time on one screen. Each of the lightsource casts his own realtime light into the scene! Even the small broken physical body parts of defeated monsters will cast 10 realtime shadows then, when they are in range of the lightsources! ... ;)

This is madness! Madness? This... is... ok ok, I will stop haha. You know the drill!

Finally I want to show you other nice special effects. I think this is the essence of a special effects news, right? ;D

Allright, here they come!

Range buff


Attack Speed buff


Speed Buff

Do you like what you see? Why not tracking the further development here on IndieDB or on the following sites:

Have a great time and a verry awesome weekend!



love the new effects :D the "penumbra effect" is outstanding by itself

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sqrMin1 Author

Thank you verry much reliphell!

It makes me happy to see that you like the "penumbra effect" :)

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Nice Effects!

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sqrMin1 Author


Thank you for your motivating comments!

I already constructed more awesome special effects. I plan to introduce them in the next news, which deals with new items and weapons you can find in the dungeons (they use the new special effects ;))!

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