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Byte Sized Heroes

Byte Sized Heroes has been in development for half a year now, and soon it will finally be ready to be released in beta form. We're finally proudly announcing the game to the world, and will be posting future progress of it here and on my blog: kiiragames.weebly.com/kiira-blog

About The Project

The game is a shooting platform game, inspired mainly by Mega Man and Halo, as well as many other titles include Thing Thing Arena, Time Splitters, Touhou, and more. You aim with the mouse, and move with the keyboard, just like any other shooter, but I'm aspiring to make some really hectic combat. Although the multiplayer has practically been planned out completely, I'm still trying to bring it to fruition, so the beta will be coming in the near future.

This game has been in development for about half a year before I took to looking for team members, and am now actively searching for anyone capable of making assets for the game to join. Of course all profits would be split evenly throughout the team whenever the Kickstarter is complete. (That is to say if we're backed) and if we're not backed, then I'll continue working on the game regardless. As far as game designing goes, I can't see a better way to spend my time.

So far, the team now consists of me and the musician, Dicky Moore, but I'm still searching. If you're interested in joining the project, please contact me by email at TheChayed@Gmail.com.

About the Gameplay

As I said before, hectic combat. There will be many different multiplayer game modes, as multiplayer is a big concern with the project, but I've also done quite a lot of story/level planning, and that will also play a big role in the game. I'm currently programming in complex features for the game, including: Dynamic (choose your own adventure) type of campaign, Complex 2D lighting, which you can see a small demonstration of below.


It also includes destructible terrain, and a complex physics system meant to rival that of Super Smash Bros.

I'm trying to make the game as intense an experience as possible, which is why solo campaign is so important. I want to not only make levels that bring the player to using the full maneuverability of their character, dodging bullets and obstacles, while trying to keep it as justified as any punishment you may receive from obstacles in Mega Man. There will likely be a second beta that includes solo campaign, so I can show of the multi part first boss battle of the game. Byte Sized Heroes has no life count, there are endless respawns (though few checkpoints), because the levels will be nearly impossible, whether you see the obstacles coming or not. Same as how it might feel to play Touhou.

If the project succeeds to the level that I hope it does, I'm going to hire top notch voice actors to voice the characters, as well as have animated cinematics, to fully portray the games story, setting, and reason for being.

The main intention though, is to open the minds of gamers, and hopefully push open mindedness to the world and finally end all wrongful discrimination. The boy, BYTE, being the main character, will be trying to find his place in a world where humans treat him like an outcast.

All images I have shown so far are of BYTE, himself.


Nearly a decade ago, an intelligent inventor proposed an idea that would change reality as we see it in every possible way. A robot which could not only interpret human behavior, but understand, lean, and react to it according to a complex set of algorithms. In this world, their existed a server of intelligent justice known as the Collective Consciousness. This server was meant to make sure that the robots stayed in line, and coexisted peacefully with the humans.

The one problem that the doctors of the organization behind this did not expect, was the possibility of racism between the two. They could easily make the robots remain peaceful toward the humans, but the other way around... Not so much. It's hard to blame anyone for not wanting to coexist with mechanical beings. Not only did this cause a huge drop in job count, but they also took all potential from some human life. Some people ended up on the street, homeless.

Not long after the mass production of the robots, the people of the Republic Astral Alliance rioted, attacking, and even killing, robot civilians, and even took to calling them OGRE's. Monsters that took them from their homes, stole their rights and freedom.

In reaction to this, a group of mad men, calling themselves VIPER, proposed an offer to the humans. If they'd give their souls to them, they'd use soul extraction equipment to inject their souls into an artificial human body (CAST), calling them ELVES, equipped to bring about a mass homicide of robots.

The RAA, in reaction to this, decided to take the peaceful route, and take the side of the robots. Shortly after, an army of fighting robots was formed calling themselves the OGRE Force, killing massive amounts of humans.

The bloodshed went on for years, but it didn't take long for a young group of war survivors to try to stop all the senseless violence. These were robot and human sympathizers, mixed races of people, banded together under the control of one woman.

In Byte Sized Heroes you take control of a young boy ELF in this task force, who tries to discover the truth of his past, as it wasn't uncommon for those that became ELVES to lose memory of their past selves.

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Info on Weapons and Armor!




Byte Sized Heroes is a Platformer SHMUP (Shoot 'Em Up) game, so obviously guns are what we use for combat. But these guns work a bit differently than from what you're probably used to. Firstly, guns are all defined by type:

  1. Plasma: Energy weapons that have a variable EMP ability. Variable meaning that, depending on the kind of weapon (as in assault rifle, rocket launcher, etc.) the effect of the EMP may vary, as well as the strength of the actual shot, of course.
  2. Pyro: In basic terms, these do damage over time, and multiply each time they hit, rather than doing a great deal of damage on contact.
  3. Ability: These weapons have abilities specific to themselves, but all do relatively normal damage.

I don't plan on going into great detail here about the guns, because that's actually not the most important part, buuuut...


Secondary weapons can range from pistols to swords, etc. They are no kinds of secondaries, but all secondaries are specific to the armor you choose. For instance, an armor that uses swords, can only use swords, and an armor that uses a second primary weapon can only use a second primary weapon. As of right now, there is only one armor that is not limited to it's secondary, which will be the first one you get. But this also takes away from the next thing...


BSH Characters

There are multiple things that are armor restricted, aside from secondaries. Each armor has a set type of Tactical Item and Strategical Item, but there's another restriction as well, which is armor abilities. There are two kinds of Armor Abilities: Offensive and Defensive, each of which are defined by the armor you choose. For instance, with Model T (The black ninja looking armor), your Offensive Ability is explosive shuriken, where the Defensive Ability is the ability to turn invisible. Likewise, Model F, (The red armor) has an Offensive ability of a kill ball radius, which will kill anything it touches, but also completely drains the user's shield, and has a Defensive Ability of a reflective shield that weakens as it's shot and when shot down will drain your shield completely, but you can move freely while it is up and it lasts for a while. The Blue armor (starting armor) has no abilities.


It's easy to guess by the name that Tactical Items will be used for offensive purposes. They're pretty typical, but useful as can be. An armor model defines what tactical item you can use. For instance, the blue armor uses a simple frag grenade, the black armor uses a stealth bomb, and the red armor uses a land mine.


Just as Tactical Items are defined by the armor model, so are strategical items. Strategical items are pretty handy, and will likely play a much bigger role in gameplay, because they can be easily used to alter the flow of combat. For instance, the blue armor uses a smoke grenade, the black armor uses a tracker (which can be placed on enemies to show their placement on the minimap), and the red armor uses a deployable bubble shield, which will deflect bullets and drains the player's shield.


So, I've already said some things about the armor models, but I haven't really said much about the main selling point of each individual armor. What I mean is that each one doesn't only have certain weapon and item restrictions, but they each have specific ways in which they are maneuvered. For instance, the blue armor is fast, but has no neat movement tricks. The black armor is VERY fast, and can climb walls. The red armor is slow, but can fly using the player's AP (displayed in the HUD as the blue bar). To top that off, specific weapons can actually increase the overall effectiveness of each armors' ability, like a weapon that can drain player AP, or a weapon that has a magnetic impulse, or a weapon that doubles a grappling hook. The combinations are only restricted by armor model, but not by anything else, so you'll have the ability to find your own way to play when everything is complete.

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