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Bushido: Legend of the Samurai is a Multiplayer Melee Combat game set during during the turbulent feudal period of medieval Japan. It features a host of innovative game-play elements, such as:

  • A complex and rich combat system (based on a real Japanese martial art)
  • Our new 'honor' mechanic, used to unlock certain tiers of weapons and armor
  • Fully customizable characters - will you be an honorable Samurai or deceptive Ninja?
  • A host of detailed environments, all based on the natural geography or historical sites in Japan

Bushido combines elements of honor, strategy and lightning fast reactions into an new and challenging multi-player experience. Please help us promote Bushido by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube!

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Hi - long-time no speak! Sorry about that... It seems that, once again, real life got in the way and things like regular blog posts and updates fell by the sidelines. But fear not, as we’re back with a whole heap of news and project updates!

There is a LOT to share, but for the time being we’re going to focus on the 4 big pieces of news that we’ve been holding onto for awhile now. These are:

  • Bushido is now being developed in UE4
  • We have a functioning multiplayer prototype
  • We’ve more or less completed all of our pre-production work
  • We’re hoping to start full production within the next 3-5 months

So, first things first:

Unreal Engine 4

Around April last year, the team decided that we needed to investigate our options when it came to game engines. We’d been developing on Unity for around 2 years by this point, and by then had a bunch of the core game-play concepts nailed down in prototype form.

After a bit of experimenting, we started to play around with Unreal Engine 4 - exploring some of its core features and scratching our heads about whether or not it’s better suited for our game. Safe to say, it wasn’t long until we realised what a fantastic tool Epic had developed, and after spending 3 months porting our prototypes over, we had a robust, stable prototype of the game. Safe to say - we haven’t looked back since!

A functioning prototype

Our current prototype build includes all of the core features we wanted for combat, including:

  • An attack system (8 directions, based on mouse input)
  • A blocks (same as above)
  • A Dodging mechanic
  • An attack combo system (chaining attacks together)
  • A targeting system
  • A Health / Stamina system
  • A robust hit detection system that compensates for lag/low frame-rates

We’re all SUPER proud of what we’ve managed to achieve by working on the project part-time over the last 9 months. We’re sorry we couldn’t show off more, but with all 3 of us working full-time on client work, it’s difficult to find time to work on the game - let alone create blog posts, video updates, etc…


After nearly 2 years of slogging away on our evenings and weekends, the lion’s share of the pre-production work is now done!

I can tell you - planning a game like Bushido is a HUGE amount of work... We’ve got over a 1000 pages covering everything from our basic Game Design Document, to a more advanced Technical Design Document, Budgets, Asset Lists, Workflows, etc… The list goes on.

The good news is that there are only a few minor bits left to work on - meaning Bushido is effectively ‘planned’ and ready to go into production.

Starting production (...actually making the game)

So we’ve got our shiny new game engine, a functioning prototype, AND all the pre-production work is basically done. So what now?

We’ve been weighing up all our options, and have recently started having conversations to try and secure the funding we need to take Bushido all the way to completion. As you can imagine, these conversations are lengthy, complex, and by no means a guarantee.

However - as ever we’re 100% committed to delivering Bushido and ensuring its a success, so regardless of the outcome we’re going to strive to secure the funding we need to finish the game and get it delivered to our fans (we still haven’t ruled out a Kickstarter, but it’s on the back-burner for the mean-time).

Well - that’s it! That’s basically what we’ve been up to over the last 9 months. I hope that this gives our fans some encouragement that the game is VERY much still alive and kicking… but you might just have to bear with us a little longer until we start showing off any new content (e.g. videos, screenshots, etc…).

Thanks again for all your continued support!

Sam & the Meteor Pixel Team

Devblog #13 - New Armour set and more

Devblog #13 - New Armour set and more

News 6 comments

Busy busy busy! We’ve got Jay finishing up on the Katana customiser and starting Armour customisation… Kieran is churning out new armour sets... Patrik...

Devblog #12 - Modular Construction

Devblog #12 - Modular Construction

News 1 comment

We’re back with another Devblog - this time taking a look at some of the processes/methods behind the construction of assets for the game!

Devblog #11 - The music of Bushido

Devblog #11 - The music of Bushido

News 3 comments

Have you ever wondered what feudal Japan actually sounds like? Well wonder no more, as we take a look (and listen) at some of the early audio concepts...

Devblog #10 - 3 Year Anniversary

Devblog #10 - 3 Year Anniversary

News 9 comments

Can you believe it - it's our 3 year anniversary this month?! Bushido has certainly become a labour of love for those of us on the development team, but...

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The animations just remind me of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator from one of the gameplay videos. There is a bit of For Honor combat style in this too it seems. Looks good though.

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For everyone curious, I messaged the developers on facebook. They said they are still working on Bushido, but it has been placed on the backburner whilst they work on other project. Their exact words. So, I don't expect this to have many updates in the near future, but hopefully the rest of the development finishes eventually.

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Still alive?

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Well, It's been a while

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Almost a whole year since the last update.

Are you guys still alive?

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Nothing about this project for many months.

Any chance of an update by Christmas?

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It's a very cool game.

Not very historical, but it's not trying to be either.

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Glad to see this isn't dead. Go forth, my friends. And remember what I told you about enabling attacking from the guard and skipping wind up movement, so that the combat becomes fast and fluid!

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