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Narrative-driven adventure game that blends action and investigation in never-before-seen ways. Will you use your brain... or your brawn?

In a futuristic "light cyberpunk" world where animals have replaced humans, privileged citizens live under a dome protected from the ambient pollution while others struggle to make a living outside.

Brok, a private detective and former boxer, lives with Graff, the son of his deceased wife. Although he could never elucidate her accident, recent events may shed some light on an even more tragic outcome... one that may be linked to their own existence.

Will they be able to withstand the threats of this corrupted world and face their own destiny?



A deep and emotional narrative-rich experience filled with characters reminiscent of classic 80s/90s cartoons.
The first game to combine a "Classic Adventure" with "Beat'em up" and RPG elements!

  • Text fully translated into 10 languages
  • Solve puzzles with your wits... or muscles!
  • Make choices impacting gameplay and/or story
  • Easy mode for pure "Point & Click" gameplay (fights can be skipped)
  • Level up to beat enemies and bosses
  • Combine clues to uncover the truth!
  • In-game hints
  • All controls supported (mouse, keyboard or controller)
  • Two playable characters, switch at any time
  • 15 to 20 hours long on first playthrough
  • Multiple distinct endings to unlock
  • Fully voice acted (23,000 lines)
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One croc. Lots of trouble...!

French developer and publisher COWCAT is pleased to announce its most ambitious project to date, BROK the InvestiGator - the first ever "Classic adventure" mixed with "Beat 'em up"!

Inspired by 80's/early 90's cartoons with a darker spin, BROK takes place in a dystopian universe where animals replaced mankind. In this innovative adventure where choices matter, will you use your brain... or your brawn?

A free Prologue is available NOW on Steam and GOG :

Steam : Store.steampowered.com

GOG : Gog.com

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The full game is expected to launch in :

  • Winter 2021 on PC

  • Early 2022 on consoles : PS4™, PS5™, Nintendo Switch™ , Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

In addition, a Kickstarter campaign will be launched next Monday (December 7th) to offer digital PC / console keys and exclusive goodies.


What kind of detective will you be?

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COWCAT is a French indie game company created in 2016 and run by Fabrice Breton, solo developer of adventure game Demetrios on PC, consoles and mobile. The company has also ported and published the trilogy of Diabolical Mind games (Xenon Valkyrie+, Riddled Corpses EX and Demon's Tier+) on consoles.

Official site / Press Kit : Brokgame.com

Email : contact@cowcatgames.com

Twitter : Twitter.com

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The first "Classic Adventure" mixed with Beat'em Up and RPG, inspired by cartoons from the 80's/early 90's. What kind of detective will you be?

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