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Let me introduce a new brick breaking game, Brickout Zero Gravity, which is like old classics, but with floating bricks, and an amazing control of a tilting bat. This game uses physics, so all movement on the screen, the interaction of the ball and the bat seems realistic. The pixel graphics and the optional monochrome mode ensures a great retro feeling, and the 60 fps gameplay with real physics make the game enjoyable. It is an Universal App, will be available soon for iOS devices, at the end of February. Features: - 100 Single Player Levels - 50 Two Players Levels (iPad only) - 3 Difficulties (Easy-Normal-Hard) - In-game musics OR iTunes playback - 10 type of bricks in 20 color - 10 progressive "enemies" - 12 bonus items (each one add extra features to the gameplay) - Bonus Levels - Game Center leader-boards - Local High-scores (for score challenge on a single device) - 5 background theme The game is a one man project created by Abel Vincze Inspired by Krackout C64...

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Remember when Breakout was new and exciting? Abel Vincze does, and with the release of Brickout Zero Gravity for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, it's time to remake that feeling in vivid, gravity-defying detail!

Brickout Zero Gravity pulls the old block-busting genre out of its static slumber and drops you in a gorgeous world of shiny objects and realistic physics. Groups of bricks float freely at the top of the screen, begging to be destroyed. By maneuvering a paddle you can bounce a ball back and forth, destroying bricks and uncovering power-ups with each hit. If you manage to clear the screen you'll move on to the next level, just be ready to encounter some frighteningly intelligent enemies as you progress!

With realistic physics, elegant retro-style artwork, and detailed, responsive controls, Brickout Zero Gravity will keep your fingers busy and your screen thoroughly smudged!

- Gameplay inspired by Arkanoid, Breakout, and Krakout
- 100 single player levels with unlockable bonus stages
- 50 multiplayer levels (iPad only)
- 12 different enemies that get progressively stronger, faster, and smarter
- 12 power-ups to unleash such as multiball, exploding blocks, and a laser shot
- Realistic physics that allow objects to float, collide, and bounce
- Tilting paddle offers extremely precise controls
- Three levels of difficulty
- Shot guidance feature to eliminate tiresome "one block left" situations
- Monochrome mode (every bit as retro-cool as it sounds!)
- Soundtrack by Mark Beke with the option to load and listen to your own music
- Score sharing via Twitter and Facebook
- Game Center leaderboards and local high scores
- Runs at 60 FPS for super smooth gameplay

Device Requirements:
- iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (4/5 gen) and iPad (2/3/4 gen and Mini)
- Requires iOS 4.3 or later
- Universal Application
- 25.9 MB

Brickout Zero Gravity is available on the Apple App Store globally for $1.99. Note that multiplayer content is available only on iPad devices.

App Store Link: Itunes.apple.com
Trailer: Youtu.be
Gameplay: Youtu.be
Website with screenshots: Brickoutzerogravity.com
Facebook site: Facebook.com
Twitter: Twitter.com
Press-Kit: Brickoutzerogravity.com

Brickout Zero Gravity - The Icon

Brickout Zero Gravity - The Icon


After many unsuccessful try, Brickout Zero Gravity have an Icon finally. Several months ago, I've started designing the icon but I wasn't happy with any...

Introducing Brickout Zero Gravity

Introducing Brickout Zero Gravity


This is the first public appearance of my game. Let me introduce it in a few words: classic brick breaking game, but with floating bricks and smooth control...

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