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Being a child you heard Northern skalds' sagas. The sun will be turned into the ice - so they said. Hunger and cold will come for you - so they sang. Winter's breath will take you away - so they whispered. Your blood ran cold after their prophesies. But your feet were in warm, and your father and mother were near by you.

Today you are standing alone on the ice, looking at the freezing sun. There are no father, no mother; there are no honey and no warmth of the ancestral home. People of the tribe are crowding together on the riverside, waiting and breathing out vapour. They don't know yet that there is no way to go further. They are waiting for your words. This land, this river, this forest are the only things you have to face the winter.

What's to be done when times have changed? What will you do when winter becomes longer than summer? What will you say to people when there is a lack of food in the barn for all? How will you deal with a troll when it looks into the huts?

Now this saga is about you, the dux of the last settlement of the northern people.

Will they sing this song near the fire? And if they do, how will it end? It depends on you. How will you save your tribe? Who will survive till the spring?

  • Rule the last settlement of your tribe
  • Don’t lose time - winter won’t wait
  • Hold over food and warmth for your people to survive
  • Make tough decisions. Some souls will perish
  • Negotiate with hostile neighbours
  • Win through the breath of winter
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Is it winter yet?


After one year of development, Armatur Games is proud to present "Breath of Winter" - a survival atmospheric simulation indiegame in a rough nordic world!

Currently the game is in it's final beta. The content is added to the game each day: new events, new mechanics and even new ways to finish the game!

We are always open to dialogue! Feel free to comment, either with questions or suggestions - we will get back to you shortly. You can also contact us through e-mail:contact@armaturgames.com

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