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BomberWIZard is a Bomberman remake for Windows and GP2X WIZ.
You can play it alone or with a other player and there are many game options (with or without extras, monster count, holes in the walls etc, etc, etc...).
Have fun!


Teleport you to the spawnpoint 1(blue) or 2(red)

Extra Bomb

Extra bomb for you

Double Speed

Double your speed for 10 seconds

The Windows version
BomberWIZard Windows 1.05

Player 1
Walk with W, A, S, D
Drop a bomb with Space
Player 2
Walk with the Arrows
Drop a bomb with CTRL Right

The GP2X WIZ version

Player 1
Walk with the Arrows
Drop a bomb with Menu
Player 2
Walk with A, B, X, Y
Drop a bomb with Select

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BomberWIZard 1.1 Changelog


<!-- with many new features



  • Both versions are in the same archive

  • Added key settings
  • Fixed sound settings


  • Quit the running game use now the right button

  • Added a shortcut
Version 1.06 is done

Version 1.06 is done


Version 1.06 of the Windows and WIZ Version is done

HowTo: Add a player skin

HowTo: Add a player skin

Textures Tutorial

How to create a player skin for BomberWIZard. It work for Windows AND Wiz!

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BomberWIZard 1.1 Source Code

BomberWIZard 1.1 Source Code

Source Code

Its the BomberWIZard 1.1 Source Code for GLBasic. Windows and WIZ version

BomberWIZard 1.1

BomberWIZard 1.1

Full Version 2 comments

BomberWIZard version 1.1 for Windows and GP2X WIZ.

OrangeNero - - 6,594 comments

i gave it a 7 because its fun and good, but could be enhanced.

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gladers - - 215 comments

Big fan of bomberman clones, keep up the good work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Topzombie Creator
Topzombie - - 101 comments

Thanks for the comment.
In the next Version (1.11) we add an optional scrolling screen + new sprites.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
CrowSp2 - - 165 comments


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