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Thanks for taking the time to check out our game Bombardier.

The game is a 2 - 8 player couch or online party game, the players are pitted against each other and it is a battle of wits and mettle to be the last one standing. Each map has a limited amount of space with its own environmental dangers and comes with an assortment of what we call Special Bombs.

Combined with the sheer power of special bombs, the amount of players and environmental dangers the gameplay is hectic and fast paced. An example of special bombs (and we are always open ears for new and crazy ideas) we have the Black Hole bomb which sucks all players into a point on the map and also the rest of the map so you must get behind something stuck down in order to survive or our SharkZooka the rocket launcher with a twist ever wanted to fire a homing angry shark at your friend well we have you sorted!

Currently in development by 2 seasoned Game Developers with a combined professional experience of 10 years having worked on titles such as:

Tomb Raider, The Avengers, The Settlers, Human Fall Flat to name a few

Our aim is to release a Kickstarter release at the end of April to fully release at the beginning of September from there it will go onto full time support where we will be creating new skins, maps and play modes.
From time to time before this we will be having closed Beta weekends so follow along on here or Twitter to get a sneak preview and hopefully find some bugs with us in some matches.

Alternatively you can follow along on our Discord: Discord.gg

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Hey Everyone,

So our bi-weekly update on the going on inside the headquarters of Studio Squid Inc this time we have for you the current development of our second arena the Mayan Temple.

Players are pitted against one another in a tight arena with nothing but super hot lava beneath them the only way out is to be the last one standing. On top of this there is extra danger! when a player fires a bomb at other players it explodes this explosion will cause tiles on the map to fall away making the map smaller and even less places to dodge and escape.

MayanTemple WIP

Once we have the above all fleshed out we want to test the idea of adding minor pushback to explosions which will only further add to the tension on the map.

As for what is planned to change on the map visually there will be much more going in and this is kind of a development blog so I thought it would be a nice idea to show how these things start and you can see just how much changes.

Nearly all of the ideas we have come from a discussion when walking the dog its great suddenly we start getting excited about the idea of what if! we then rush home and we will do a super quick mock drawing I hope you are ready for some amazing art!

Here is how the above started right at the very beginning yep as hideous as this is it planted the idea of several key things first off without realising too much we wanted it to be Aztec / Mayan with our own twist as they had these large shapes that really compliment the style we are going for, the actual arena placement and the players start positions.

MayanTemple Beginning

Now that gave us a decent starting point to go ok lets get this into Unity and just see what it is like and that is where masterpiece 2 comes in, what we got from this was scale how big do we want things compared to the player and starting to come to terms with the view of the arena in relation to the Isometric Camera as you can see from this to the image all the way at the top alot has changed.


At this point one thing we struggled with was the camera and really having the speed to experiment with placement of items in the level so with the image above James heads back into Photoshop to really start pushing and pulling the level and start getting in the full picture which is when we get to this


Now you can probably see things are starting to line up the concept is still no masterpiece but that is not really what it is for its figuring out all the big shapes and tells us ok we should work on this part now which is how we finally got to the current place of the image below but there is still much more to add as you can see in comparison to the image so we want to start adding in Lava waterfalls, cliff faces, FIRE we all love fire more awesome architecture, lava bubbles, heat shimmer until finally we have a finished arena but that is for another article and wanted to show the process and to encourage people who are less artistically gifted that even if you "cant" draw even a crappy sketch will always help!

MayanTemple WIP

I hope you enjoyed a deeper dive into the creation of Bombardier and see you guys in two-weeks with even more juicy progress its going to be a good one!

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New Special Bomb - The Cluster Truck 9000


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