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Shapes = Space = You

Welcome to the game where space is full of flying shapes!

All you need to do is click the correct shape & collect it!

. . . . S P A C E T A L K . . . .

Can it be simpler = nope

Does it challenge me = yes

Don't say that it has power-ups =

Will it be the game of my life = depends

. . . . B L I T Z Y . . . .

Game will be released with one simple mode, tap the correct shape & fill your magic ring with clicked shapes!

[ This can change instant if players ask for more !!! ]

2 power-ups will be at your side.

- Time Warp [ Slows shapes to ultra low speed, so that you can click like boss ]

- Whack Snap [ On activation 3 next clicks anywhere on space will destroy correct shapes ]

Game uses simple icons to navigate, so anybody can play/understand it without translation!

Get Your Mouse/Trackpad Ready !!!

But First - Let's Greenlight ;)

Thanks for your time !

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Blitzy Released


blitzy 640x100 1

Hello everybody,

Wanted to share great news, Blitzy got released on Google Play Store!


If you like simple but at the same time interesting/uniqe games, Blitzy is deffinitly for you!

It's simple, colorfull, quick and involves your reaction with prediction mix.

Start with simple correct shape taping and finish with strategic thinking what power better to use at what time!

Quick game intro:




Would You Play Blitzy on Steam? All you need is mouse ;)

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