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Blessed Isles is a fast-paced, PVP and PVE Instanced-MMO. Our players are called forth to form clans and battle for supremacy. Unique battles between player designed cities, leads attackers to be unknowing as what to expect. The many features designed to customize, build and destroy structures are primary focuses. Discover and learn about the world of Blessed Isles by venturing into varies PVE campaigns. Even find and build up your clans personal dungeon on your Isle to attract attention, good or evil. Each guild or player Isles are separate from one another. Fully equipped with all of the mechanics of an MMO, such as character building, city building, dungeons and much more. Blessed Isles removes the travel times and long processes that are making MMO's less popular today. Instead, trying to pull together the genres of instant action and MMO games, Blessed Isles acts as a medium for all types of gamers. We made it our initiative to adapt the RPG genre into something spectacular.

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July Update Video


Adventure and Explore

Explore countless Isles and trackless underwater environments. Hundreds of dungeons and adventures await you in the Blessed Isles.

Play with a unique set of abilities and support your friends in an epic conquest to complete objectives and gain fame. Meet hundreds of monsters and take them on in their lairs. As you travel through the diverse regions, surprise encounters and a living environments is waiting to greet you.

Expereince the world brought to life by dynamic lighting, shadows and advanced physics. Struggle as you and your clan of warriors traverse from isle to isle. In Blessed Isles, our terrain has been hand-crafted by our artists and textured to be visually pleasing.

I urge you to follow updates and check out the following content...


Youtube: Blessed Isles July Update

Blessed Isles Website

Patch Notes

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