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Blendimals is a colorful, cartoony game with iconic elements of classic platform and puzzle games. Its goofy characters and animations and its upbeat music creates a comfortable atmosphere that anyone can enjoy.

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A quite funny game, sadly not very long and not very challenging, but for a good short laugh it's perfect!


Very interesting approach :D like it! But more furnishing requires.


Quite a bit of fun ! I really enjoyed the animation work and humorous nature of the game. Took me a few minutes to get the knack of it, but played the whole time with a grin. I definitely recommended it for a change of pace.


A quite innovative, unique enough, and humourous puzzle game.


muy buen juego es muy adictivo

Adorable and entertaining for the first 5 minutes, though I found a lack of motivation to go for the gold medals or indeed complete the game. This might be purely due to the fact I'm not into puzzle games, but it seemed far too short and simple. Blendimals may be much more suitable for android/iphone platform.


good work

more please
i love it.



Unique, but couldn't hold my interest after a few levels.


Entertaining for a few minutes most certainly ^^

Very fun and the girlfriend liked it too. Is there a way of making your own puzzles? That would definitely increase the shelf life!

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