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In Blast Thru, you must burst through multi-colored blocks in this fast-paced arcade game for up to eight players. Watch out for invisible, exploding, indestructible, and multi-hit blocks that add to your challenge. Bonus power-ups, such as the expanding paddle and rockets, can help you clear the board. But beware of power-downs, such as the sword and chomping teeth, which can slow your progress. One great aspect of Blast Thru is the ability to play random levels in the game. No longer do you have to slog through the same map at the start of every game. This great feature allows you to experience much more of what Blast Thru has to offer.

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The new Blast Thru Editor adds support for modifying the scores in the highscore table. This means it is now able to calculate the score checksum the game uses to find out if someone cheated by editing the bt.ini manually.

The algorithm for that is actually pretty damn easy, don't ask me why we didn't find this out earlier:
Add each (score % 256) together. That's it.

Download the new editor in the download section. Have fun!

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Original Blast Thru Soundfont

Original Blast Thru Soundfont

Audio Pack

This is the original soundfont of Blast Thru which the composer, Jason Zaffary, also used to create the music. If you apply this to your soundfont-capable...

Blast Thru Extreme

Blast Thru Extreme

Blast Thru Extreme Patch

This is the ball.glo of Blast Thru Extreme containing all the modded levels and the music. Replace the default ball.glo in your Blast Thru directory to...

Blast Thru Music MID format

Blast Thru Music MID format


This is the original Blast Thru soundtrack, converted from MDS to MID so that you can play it with any media player. Includes the unused Exmil.mds which...

Blast Thru Editor

Blast Thru Editor

Archive Tool

This is the Blast Thru Editor which allows you to create levels with blocks beyond the default editing bounds of the in-game editor, add new brick and...

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