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An Aliens-inspired 80s SciFi Top-Down Shooter. 4 Player Couch/Online/Mixed Co-op

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Introducing Biosignature, an Aliens-like 80s SciFi coop Top-Down Shooter

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Hello IndieDB!

Today, I finally felt it was time to add my project to IndieDB! I started working on Biosignature in spring 2016 and I think I'm doing quite well, considering its a spare time project.

I'm very inspired by games that I enjoyed in my youth, most of them coop games. I remember spending whole nights slaying monsters in Diablo or Blaze n Blade (PS1 that was) with my roommate, on a tiny TV, eyes burning like fire. I want to bring that feeling back.

About the game

Biosignature is an Aliens-like 80s SciFi TopDownShooter
for up to 4 players on the couch,online or mixed if you like

Theme: 80s Retro-SciFi, I’m looking for something that looks, feels and sounds like Aliens (J. Cameron). Oh, that film!

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  • 3D Top-down view
  • Mouse/KB and/or Gamepads
  • Shooter with ammo and reload mechanic
  • Coop, with up to 4 Players on the couch, online, and also mixed
  • 4 Characters with differing basic stats
  • There will be a story
  • Varying set of mission objectives (story driven)
  • Semi/full procedural levels
  • No permadeath (at least not mandatory)

Technical basis: Unity 3D

If you like, you can also follow my development progress in detail here: G-phil.com

All the best and see you next time,
Philipp :)

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