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BH Trials is an obstacle course game where players drive a Backhoe digger with no transmission, steering, or brakes. The only way to control it is through the digger’s arms. The game features various game modes with varied challenges both in single player and up to 4 player Co-op.

Solo Player: The trials

BH Trials’ single player mode features a series of increasingly difficult levels, designed to try both your dexterity and your wit. You will drive and climb and crawl, manipulating all kinds of platforms and mechanisms and avoiding devious contraptions, all while trying to reach the end as fast as possible to unlock new levels and game modes.

Multiplayer: The Spider

The star of BHT’s multiplayer levels is four-legged Backhoe Spider. Up to four players can control this beast, either on a single computer or online through Steam Together, pitting their teamwork skills against some of the game’s most treacherous climbs. Note: It’s also possible to play these levels alone -if you’re up to the extra challenge!

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Santiago de Compostela - October 9, 2020 - Spain-based tiny studio, Pico Sacro Games, is excited to announce that its lovely weird debut game "BH Trials" (Digger Parkour) is coming to Xbox on October 23, for $11.99

BH Trials is a physics obstacle course game where the player drives a digger... with a catch. The machine has no transmission, steering or brakes; you can only control the articulated arm. Use the two sticks just like in a real digger, in a surreal sport of digger parkour.

The game's controls and clever level design are a perfect fit for players wishing to put their abilities with the controller to the test. The puzzles will push you to think out of the box as nothing is conventional here. Reach the goal of more than 20 courses on the single player campaign, find the hidden miniatures to open additional levels, and do it fast enough to get three stars.

If you always wanted to command a mechanical spider, you are in luck! A digger with four arms attached is waiting for you -and up to three friends- in the cooperative mode, where coordination is key, as each player controls one of the arms. Unlock the 4 cooperative areas and beat all 11 courses specifically crafted to test your friendship.

BH Trials releases on the Xbox digital store on October 23 and will be available for pre-order on October 9 for a price of $11.99 / 11.99€. It is also available for PC (Windows) on Steam and Humble Store.


  • Driving: No transmission, no steering and no brakes.
  • Single player campaign: More than 20 courses and additional unlockable levels
  • Co-op: 4 player couch co-op where you share the controls of a spider-digger.
  • Leaderboards: Prove you are the fastest against friends and worldwide.

About the developer

Pico Sacro Games is a tiny games studio based in the north-west of Spain and composed by two industry veterans: Oscar Sebio Cajaraville (programming, design and art) and Jose Luis Gonzalez Castro (sound and music).

Presskit: Bhtrials.com
Contact: contact@picosacrogames.com

BH Trials released

BH Trials released


BH Trials is now available on Steam. Have you ever thought how to drive a digger that has no transmission, steering or brakes? Well... this is the game...

BH Trials Release Trailer

BH Trials Release Trailer


BH Trials is an obstacle course game where players drive a Backhoe digger with no transmission, steering, or brakes. BH Trials releases April 3 on Steam...

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