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'Beekyr Reloaded' is a 2D Arcade Shoot'em up with personality. It alternates vertical and horizontal gameplay through 28 action-packed stages. The goal of the game is to save the hive and queen from the evil enemy bugs.


Kaleidogames released Beekyr originally in 2013 for Android (as Beekyr: Eco Shoot'em up), later released for iOS and PC in July 2014. PC version was quickly removed from shops after being copied illegally with very little sales. Back then, 2013's version art's style made players think it was a game for young children, while the game play was designed for experienced players, they were not motivated enough to get into the game. Despite that, there have been almost 20.000 downloads already! Three years later, in 2017, we totally overhauled the game so that it would connect better with the experienced players it was designed for, resulting in a more aggressive look and feel. With new stages, new player types, new game progress map, more enemies (including bosses), analog controllers support, new coop-mode and new attack types.... Beekyr Reloaded (for PC-Windows) was born.


  • Mold-breaking theme: Based in the treacherous world of insects.
  • 'Shmup first-play' friendly gameplay: Novice mode and 'Generic Shmup Tutorial' to enable new players understand and enjoy all shmup games.
  • Horizontal and Vertical stages with very different game formats!
  • 16 cool bosses to fight.
  • Secrets: multiple playable characters, multiple endings, unlockable stages / worlds.
  • Real co-op multiplayer mode.
  • Enormous re-playability: 4 different stage combinations that might offer from 18 to 29 stages. Depending on game events and difficulty mode.
  • Global rank system, achievements
  • Natural hazards in each level (storms, waterfalls, wind, rocks, darkness...)
  • Powerups system. Innovatives 'Bee-squad' bomb and 'Bee-swarm' flock attack!
  • Precise analog or digital controls: Steam and Xbox 360 controller support.
  • Scanlines monitor effect.
  • Amazing soundtrack.

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Updatea #21 & 22
Enhancing / redrawing all graphics

There was an artist asking for a quick test, he said he could improve the graphics... Here is the test he developed upgrading some spirte sheets. (Current in-game screenshot!)

First the old grphfcs:

Beekyr Reloaded (WIP: 2016)

Beekyr Reloaded (WIP: 2017)

All background elements are being drawn again, the result is just outstanding.

There is so much lifeness in the new style. After having versions side by side I only can take my hat off to the artist.

He ended up redrawing ALL elements for about 8 months:

Here is an example of how nice it is looking the forest stage right now, Background will also change but you can get an idea of what is being done here.
It was like this.

Beekyr 2013

Beekyr Reloaded 2016

Beekyr Reloaded 2017

It is not only what the static images show. The enhancement is more about the liveness that it has now. Dozens of leaves are smoothly floating in the background and foreground while falling trough rocks, grass and sunrays.
It looks like those are simple details but it adds a really heavy feeling of being there.

Also, we have added some depth into the actual gameplay, you get inside the trees. And it appears to be very clear now. As opposed as before, players didn't even know that was a fallen trunk and they kept crashing into its edges.

Notice this is still WIP, and it got better.

Beekyr Reloaded Devlog Update #5: Improving particle effects and overall colours

Beekyr Reloaded Devlog Update #5: Improving particle effects and overall colours


Improving particle effects and overall colours. Removing sun, adding a storm (with rain and lightnings).

Beekyr Reloaded Devlog Update #2: Main menu redesign

Beekyr Reloaded Devlog Update #2: Main menu redesign


I have been working in the main menu. Before it was just fine but nothing fancy and to be honest a bit annoying.

Beekyr Reloaded Devlog Update #1: Cover redesign

Beekyr Reloaded Devlog Update #1: Cover redesign


Beekyr Reloaded Devlog Update #1: Cover redesign I decided to start redesigning the cover, which was the most childish part of the game. It has gone through...

Beekyr Reloaded is almost there

Beekyr Reloaded is almost there


Beekyr Reloaded devlog. (95% done) This is the first post (in TIG) that will link you to the rest of posts.

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