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Engineer spaceships, compose fleets and command them in in real time battles. All ships are completely defined by their module composition. Achieve victory with briliant command on the battlefield or by engineering it into your fleet.

The game is under development with some features missing. This page describes already implemented features. Early access available from itch.io. Also check out the free demo.


  • RTS-style battles with up to dozens of ships per side. Fixed fleets, doesn't include building of units or resource management mechanics.
  • Ships are made of and entirely defined by their modules. The modules such as generators, thrusters, weapons, armor etc. form the structure and define the behavior of the ship. Ships can have anywhere between 5 to over 1000 modules.
  • Ship and level editor. You can not only create new ship designs and battle challenges but edit all existing ones using in-game editors.
  • No-cheating Newtonian physics. All movement is driven by forces from thrusters and other actuators, and there is no friction or dampening. Ships and other objects are simulated as rigid bodies with accurate collision geometries and inertia.
  • Per-module damage model. Ships can get partially disabled and split in two. The damage model also includes armor penetration and ricochet calculations.
  • Ship resource system. Most modules have a single function such as power generation or heat dissipation. The resource system gathers, stores and distributes resources such as electricity, heat and fuel between modules on every frame.


Designing efficient (or wacky) ships is an important part of the game, but it is not required. Setting up random and custom battles is made easy, and your ships have basic combat AI so the game can also be played very casually. During battle you can also take full or partial control over any one of your ships to fly them manually, fire weapons etc.

You can design and test ships, then use them in premade battle challenges that give a score when completed, or in custom battles where you define the fleets and level parameters. The game is single player only against a combat AI in independent battles. Progression mechanics from battle to battle are not yet implemented.

To defeat your enemy, you will need to keep on top of the rapidly evolving combat situation and select targets for your ships based on weapon ranges, maneuverability and defences of both your own and the enemy ships. Positioning and timing of engagements is important because different weapons have very different effective ranges and ships usually only have heavy armor at the front. Keeping your fleet close together maximizes your concentrated damage output, but risks getting surrounded by the enemy. Using specialized ships such as "tanks" and "snipers" effectively can often decide the outcome of the battle.

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Battlefleet Engineer demo

Battlefleet Engineer demo


This free demo lets you play completely randomized battles. It doesn't include ship design, challenge levels or custom battles.

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