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Battle Bolts is a turn-based action strategy board multiplayer game where up to 4 players battle by programming moves in advance.

Think ahead and plan your next 4 moves in a deadly arena, avoid pits, use conveyor belts to move around, hide behind walls, dash and strafe to pull unexpected stunts and confuse your enemies.

Key Features

  • Turn-based – Think ahead and plan your next 4 moves very carefully, as the opponents can be pretty unpredictable. Use board elements to your advantage and destroy opponents in a game of cat and mouse.
  • Action moves – Use your action moves like dash and strafe to pull unexpected stunts and confuse your enemies. Always be on the move!
  • Power-ups – Use power-ups to your advantage - tear them a new one!
  • Deadly arena – Arena tiles are not just an eye-candy; avoid pits, use conveyor belts to move around, hide behind walls, and watch out for surprises - as they can be deadly.
  • Board-game looks – Remember that holo-chess game they played in Episode 4 while riding Falcon? Now you get to experience that same thrill as Battle Bolts offer stunning real-life board game look, just more... alive.
  • Multiplayer – Go to war with up to 4 players online or offline (couch-versus).
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Hi everyone!

First of all, if you're reading this, thank you for showing your interest in the game and to all those and thank you for your support.

The chaos of Battle Bolts development in this past week is best described by the old Latin saying: Per aspera ad astra. When we thought we were ready, we actually weren't. It took us a few days to get it all sorted, but we still missed the original release date, March 25. Luckily, we managed to wrap everything up pretty fast so the release was postponed only until yesterday, March 28.

But we're here now. Enter Battle Bolts. It's a video game with a board game aesthetics, which might look simple at first, but takes some time to master. The basic premise is to fight against your friends in an 8x8 arena, full of stuff that can either help you or set you back. The trick is to program not one but several (in this iteration: 4) commands ahead, and hope you are better at predicting your opponents than they are at predicting you. All commands execute at the same time (mostly), and Battle Bolts soon becomes a game of cat and mouse. Except both have four moves to plan ahead.

The game went through several iterations and was showcased at both local and international gaming shows. Seeing how much fun people had with it, we decided to show and share one of those earlier versions here and gather your thoughts. It's still a bit rough around the edges and we still have to implement multiplayer, which won't take long, but it's already playable and, hopefully, fun. :)

For the best experience, grab 3 friends, 4 controllers and 4 beers (if you are of legal age to buy beer, of course). You can play against bots, but mind that AI leaves a lot to be desired, so real people are your best option!

For more info check out the Steam store page:

We hope you will enjoy the game and if you have any ideas and suggestions, please post them on our forums so we can gather useful and constructive feedback.

The battle awaits, soldier!

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BattleBolts Alpha v0.03

BattleBolts Alpha v0.03


This is an early prototype, showcased at Reboot Develop in April 2018, coming from Croteam Incubator and created by Shot Second developers/fans of RoboRally...

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