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On the small mechanical world of "CyBotia". A race of self-aware robots are currently participating in a much beloved major sporting event called the "The "Block-Buster Tournament".

The "BBT" is a sporting event that dates back to the great war. When both opposing forces utilized a complex forcefield technology that created energy based walls. These walls could be materialized anywhere and consisted of block shaped sections that were of varying frequency ranges.

What was once a means to breaking through an enemy's defences. Has now become a world-wide past time. But all that is merely what lies on the surface. Using the BBT as a cover. The insidious group known as "Black Cog" is using all its resources to uncover 3 ancient artifacts. Which they plan to use to reawaken an ancient terror. Which could grant them the power to take over the world!

Barricade will feature:
-High quality 2D graphics with a few 3D effects
--Single player Arcade story mode
-Offline/Online Vs & CoOp modes with online matchmaking
-Online leaderboards displaying scores and rankings
-USB gamepad support with forced feedback
-Unlockable content & Achievement system
-And an awesome original soundtrack!

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Barricade's Alpha


Heres a few gameplay vids of the currently available characters. To help you get the idea of how the game works!

Cannon- Youtube.com

Chass- Youtu.be

Bit- Youtube.com

Herc- Youtube.com

But just in case these are not enough. We made sure to give you early birds an edge with an included instruction manual!;)

3 New Faces Added to Barricade!

3 New Faces Added to Barricade!


3 New bots added in just before we open our doors for potential Ytube & Twitch streamers to try out the early access alpha build!

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