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Bandito Rush is an action packed mobile game in which you take on the role of sheriff. See how long you survive the Bandito Rush!

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Bandito Rush is the product of a personal challenge: create a mobile game in 80 hours. Concequently, whenever I discuss the project with someone the first question is always:

What's with the time limit?
The short answer to that is, that I wanted to start a project that I was going to actually finish. But there is more to it than that. To stand a chance at making a profit or at least breaking even in the mobile game market I believe short development time is key.

Cutting down on development times requires a change in development style. The most natural thing when developing an indie game is to spend a lot of time perfecting every minute detail of your game. This makes a lot of sense as it usually is a labour of love. However, this leads to long development times and an increased chance of projects never seeing the light of day.

Bandito Rush is basically my first experiment with rapid mobile game development. The main idea of the project is to:
- keep decision times to a minimum
- get the job done and look into endless tweaking when the rest is done
- define the minimum features that are required to make the game a "full" product and avoid "feature creep"
- discover how much I personally can get done within the 80 hours time restriction

Next update: how far into the 80 hours is Bandito Rush currently and how did it get to this stage.

Thanks for reading! Share your thoughts below!

Ramana Kleyn

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