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A kid named Dustin receives a puppy for his 8th birthday. He names the dog Balthazar and the two soon become best friends. They land in trouble and help each other get out of it, learn about the world together and become virtually inseparable.
One day a tragedy happens. Dustin is hit by a van and lands in the hospital. Kid goes into a coma. His faithful dog stays by his side and dreams while lying beside him in the bed.
Balthazar’s dream take him through strange and mysterious lands of dog-stuff, he sees wonderful things as usual but he also feels the presence of two entities. With his nose he recognizes one as Dustin and follows him, the other lurks menacingly in the darkness and Balthazar is sure it is here to take the boy away.

He embarks on a quest to save the kid following his instinct and scent, roaming the dreamscape with love and conviction only a dog may have.

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Hello Balthazar friends!

After our successful Kickstarter and Greenlight we've finally can pour all of our time into the development of the game.

And by all I mean weekends and nights, because we now LOVE OUR JOB!

Here are some things we've conjured so far:

- deadly boars for forest level


- spiky thorns for forest level

- transparent tree tops for hidden platforms

- passages through scenes

- branch bridges

You can play the experimental build (win only) if you like and tell us what you think of it on Discord.
We're also happy to announce the release date on Steam (please add us to your wishlist!).
Thank you and have an awesome day!

Your devs Piotr & Sawa

Yay! We did it!

Yay! We did it!


After two weeks on Kickstarter Balthazar's Dream has reached its funding goal!

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Balthazar's Dream Demo - week #2

Balthazar's Dream Demo - week #2

Demo 3 comments

A short prototype showcasing art and some core mechanics.

Balthazar's Dream Kickstarter Windows Demo

Balthazar's Dream Kickstarter Windows Demo


Balthazar's Dream is a platformer game in which you control a dog. In order to save your pal you will have to platform your way through several dreamlike...

Balthazar's Dream Demo #3 Windows

Balthazar's Dream Demo #3 Windows


New update - cats, grapes, chocolate and bouncy beds!

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