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Babylon 5: IFH - D&O is the prequel four mission campaign to the I've Found Her series of a story set into the Universe of the Babylon 5 Sci-Fi TV Series. It features fully simulated realistic space combat. Although in the singleplayer campaign the player is only able to pilot a SA-23C "Aurora" Starfury Fighter, they have access to a wider arsenal of fighters which they can pilot while testing their skills vs the challenging AI or in multiplayer skirmishes. The game also offers a limited CO-OP mode. For those who wish to go a step further, the file archive also offers a mission editor with a coding guide which they can use to make their own missions. Or they can try and create their own unique ships and skins.

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Blake00 says

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By far the most realistic Babylon 5 cockpit simulator out there. Other B5 games and mods are more arcade like or focus on other gameplay types/genres. This game also has great in-game cutscenes between the missions that really recreate that feel of the old TV show. With a bit of forced AA & AF applied the old graphics still look pretty darn good even today. I particularly recommend the 'Good guys' campaign.

Here's a tour video I made a few years back:

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