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Poseidon, Athena, Zeus, Pandora and Hades are in a Great War to define the destiny of Humans! What side is yours? (Inspired by Knights of Zodiac, Saint Seiya)



Based in Brazil

Release date:
Early Access June 30 2013




Since mythological eras Hades been trying to turn earth into his realms by killing every creature. But always when the evil appears, young humans wearing the legendary olympian armors have fists strong enough to cut the sky and open craters on earth, risk their lives to save the world; They are known as Olympian Guardians, backed by the Gods in Olympo, Zeus, Poseidon and Athena been fighting to define the destiny of earth!


Azusa is a game being developed by Victor Luis, also known as Inutaishos, since 2012. The game shows clear inspirations from classic anime such as Saint Seiya and Dragonball, however with an original universe redesigned to give the playerbase an immersive roleplaying experience.

The game is completelly designed to allow the player to develop their character into the game's story while interacting with other players and being able to define the future with their actions, and as the time pass, these characters will grow old and die, allowing the player to play with their next generations progressively and experience an exciting timeline.

Players in Azusa can develop their character into being almost anyone, or anything, from a simple baker working at a castle, the engineer that builds a prosperous city or; a strong and brave hunter that becomes a Guardian of Olympo, granted with enough powers to protect or destroy the world; Or even a retired Guardian that uses his final years to teach and train young guardians to protect the future generations!

Well, a world where everything can happen depending on the events and situations mostly driven by other players.

The game have been under the Early Alpha Stages from 2012 to 2016, and since then the team is working hard to polish the game at the early Beta stages, with constants updates and bugs fixes the game runs free-to-play/test untill the official version is ready to be released at Steam.

Azusa's fans have been helping the development since the start through subscriptions and crowdfunding new Guardian Armors, and thanks to them the project exists.

Azusa's universe despise being simple hides alot of secrets and lores to be discovered ingame, everything can be explored by the players.

As retired players from the past might have built or destroyed entire cities during their adventures, its all under the actual generations to discover the treasures they have left behind.

In Azusa's world, the Guardian Armors were made by Zeus, and gave the humans responsability to protect and judge the creation; with these every armors are based off a life form and give its owner unique powers;

Since then Hades been trying to show Zeus wrong and created his own versions of armors, called the Reapers, and use them to control once dead humans into destroying everything Zeus cares for;

That was the brief start of the Great Wars, as Golden Armors were created and other Gods awakened turning earth into a real battle field, everything to give you the experience and freedom to pick wich path to fight for.


  • 2D Online
  • Roleplay similar to table top RPGs
  • Play as a normal Civilian, a brave Fighter, or a wise Master; Your choices will define the game experience
  • Play as important key ranked roles, such as being a King or a God
  • Tourneys to become an Olympian Guardian hosted in arenas spread around the world
  • Play as over 20 diffrent Guardians while fighting in the wars to protect or destroy the world
  • Can play as a villain after death by joining Hades army and help to destroy the world
  • Dynamic world with hidden dungeons and treasures to explore
  • Cities are built and destroyed by players activity over the timeline
  • Possible to progride through the timeline by playing as a next generation of your previous character, (a son for example)
  • Customize your character appearance by wearing over 100 diffrent clothes, hairs and weapons
  • Strategic but fast turn battle system, very dynamic
  • Build your character status as you play through many diffrent training methods that you can learn and teach to other players
  • Build your character skills depending on your cosmo element and armor element combination, helping in your battle strategies
  • Build your character powers by collecting relics that grants you extra abilities
  • Build your character by developing rare perks
  • Retro Gameplay


Azusa Gameplay YouTube


Download all screenshots & photos as .zip

Download logo/icon assets as .zip

RP Guide
This link explains how the Roleplay system works at Azusa, key feature to the real gameplay azusarp.com/rpguide.

Getting Started Guide
Overall Guide that briefly points out directions, explaining quickly how the game works and giving some usefull links azusarp.com/getting-started.

Battle Guide
Azusa's battle system was developed to aid the game Roleplaying style, also to be a great strategy game with the freedom, dynamism and speed of a normal real time battle rpg; This guides helps you to understand how everything works azusarp.com/battle-guide.

Class and Races Guide
Explains how every Races and their class works in game and how it can determine the player's experiences azusarp.com/class.

Controls Guide
Explains the game's interface with details; azusarp.com/controls.

Lore; Primal Gods
Explains the role and background story of the Primal Gods of Azusa, azusarp.com/primal-gods.

Lore; Remarkable Heroes
Explains briefly some details about remarkable characters from the past of Azusa's universe; azusarp.com/remarkable-heroes.

Portuguese Brazilian Materials
Here are the brazilian guides and documentation materials, translated guides and tutorials (some may be outdated) pt-br.azusa-rp-cdz.wikia.com/wiki/P%C3%A1gina_principal.

Portuguese Brazilian Lore Materials
Here are the brazilian lore documentation material with details on Azusa's universe, these lore pages have been reviewed recently and most are updated pt-br.azusa-rp-cdz.wikia.com/wiki/Categoria:Pages_with_broken_file_link.

About Inutaishos

26 Years old Brazilian game developed; working as a programmer and pixel artist since 2005; long experiences at the BYOND platform, programming at the language DM since then.

More information
More information on Inutaishos, our logo & relevant media are available here.

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