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Poseidon, Athena, Zeus, Pandora and Hades are in a Great War to define the destiny of Humans! What side is yours? (Inspired by Knights of Zodiac, Saint Seiya)

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Kromantic says

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Game fits perfectly for anyone who likes Saint Seiya and also likes a friendly community, anyone who wants to get in gets the help required to start having fun, the game itself has some complexity but as soon you get into it the hours of having fun passes way too fast.


HowToMolly says

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The first thing that I realised is the first screen that welcomes you.

It's a real pain to even play the game.Program sometimes crashes on you, it gives out of memory error, you need to spent at least 3-4 minutes to figure out how to register since the option on the top right doesn't really work. You need to try joining a server then registering from that point.

When you join a server, it asks you if you would like to read the starting guide. The link it leads you to is rather boring since it's all text. It would be way cooler if there was some video showing you how it's done.

After reading the starting guide, the game wants you to distribute. That contribution menu is rather buggy and not so well-designed. It wants you give random points to 10 different stats. The getting started guide doesn't teach you what does each individual stat affects.

After that it's time for character creation. Menu looks meh, it wants you to select a spawn point but again no info about it is given. Also the class informations are kinda lame. It doesn't provide enough info about the class you are going to choose. The race choosing is very bad considering you can only choose cool classes like angels or demons if you pay for them.

When you start the game the quests are quite simple but painful. I'm still looking for a pig to kill after 25 minutes walking mindlessly. I'm not even talking about the extreme lag your server has. Even your players are aware of it.

I don't know if this game has a future but I don't think we'll be seeing this game on the spotlight soon.


Kahsmos says

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This game is 1 of a kind, great owner, great admins, great players.


Elias1355 says

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The game shows a lot of potential to be something great even though it is still in alpha. New stuff gets added every update plus tweaks where it is needed!

Though I can't give the game a 10 because that means the game should be perfect and all done which is it isn't. The game is, like I mentioned before, still in alpha. In time maybe but the best I can give it right now is a 9.

I could mention why and how I came up with this decision but I could also let you all decide on that by simply joining the game and RP along with the players. There are loads of ranks and story that you all can join with. Heck, who doesn't want to smack Gods in their faces and say: HA! A MERE MORTAL DEFEATED A GOD! I, AM ABOVE THE GODS! I AM THE HYPE.

Or you can, of course join the God and protect them from the person mentioned above!

Almost everything is possible in Azusa. So what is stopping you from playing this? Nothing! Exactly, now come join!


ZangetsuPlay says

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it's so nice for Brazilians and outher's, i realy like the gameline and this game really involves you.


atreyoauron says

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A nice and emerging game that pulls you into a new world of fantasy, filled with quests, mystical relics and blessed armors by the Gods.

Azusa gives you the freedom to create and develop your character as you see fitting, as the gameplay is based on the role-play elements, where you interpret a character and guide him through his lifetime.

It's totally worthy to spend some of your gaming time and dive into the world of Azusa.


AdrianAgnelli says

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it looks awesome!!


orionsoreia says

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Soo much RP


murilocesar05 says

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That's a ******* very good game


Kiminino says

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n You Are Busy Searching For A Cool Game To Play And You Found This. First When You Create Your Account,When You Start To Play You Just Can,t Understand What The F*ck Is Happening. But Since The Comunity Is Freacking Awesome,They Will Help You To Play The Game And Teach You Everything You May Ask For.Then You Will Play And You Will Just Don,t Understand Why The Hell You Are Playing This Game, But You Keep Playing Because Somehow It,s Awesome. Then You Keep Playing Like Crazy And Losing Nights Just To Get ******* Awesome Strongly And Have A Cool Character. And Then You Keep Playing For 6 Mounths And You Are Still Weak T-T. Just Love This Game U.U

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