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Avalon a fully realised, text-based roleplaying world in players drive the game's narrative and history. The best can ascend to become gods by rising to our unique challenge and defeating their peers. Avalon originated numerous concepts that are now staples in the gaming industry: cooldowns, player organisations, guilds, personal homes, shops, economic and warfare systems and more. Within the gameworld, players are free to create character that join one of four unique cities, two dozen unique guilds across nine different professions boasting over two THOUSAND unique abilities. Our PVP system is peerless, based around anti-automation and player decision being of highest importance. Avalon boasts the most complex labours, farming, economic system in any game with mining, brewing, cotton spinning, animal husbandry and dozens more options. Our warfare system contains things such as 3d terrain with trenches, tunnels, barricades, legions, landmines, oil-cauldrons and more.

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In the article, which can be found here, Stokel-Walker looks at Avalon through the eyes of three core players:

Andrew Johnson, USA Paralympian rower, blind and currently the best player in Avalon.

Bridgette Leske-Heed, American housewife, mother of three and deity in Avalon.

Sam Kendall, UK based Hotel Manager and most recent ordained God in Avalon.

Ordination XII has begun!

Ordination XII has begun!


Saturday 2nd May saw Ordination XII kick off with the quest for the divine sapphire run by Elmaethor, god of the stars. The quest was won by Illyism the...

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