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Ato is an Atmospheric Sword Dueling Game set in the Era of Feudal Japan. It tells a visually driven story about a father who has given up his past ways in order to live a life of peace with his wife and child. However this peace is soon disturbed as his child is taken from him, leaving him with the goal to get his child back.

In Ato, no longer are there hundreds of weak enemies to slaughter, instead every combat encounter is an intense duel to the death. Perform risky parry maneuvers, bounce off of your opponent, evade their attacks and unlock new abilities to further expand your arsenal of options against your adversaries.

Every fight has their own personality and fighting style. Challenge, observe and overcome each opponent you face as you strive to retrieve your child back from the clan you once served.

Outside of the duels, you will explore colorful and atmospheric environments. Obtain new abilities to solve environmental puzzles. Uncover the mystery of this world and experience a story told without a single word.

Please consider joining the Discord: Discordapp.com

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Release Date


Hey guys Brandon here, I'm happy to announce that Ato is going to be officially released next month!

Be sure to wish list the game on Steam and/or follow the game at itch.io

What can be expected in this release version?

  • Bug fixes and crash fixes
  • Higher Difficulties actually change some puzzles and enhance some boss attacks.
  • 60+ Music Soundtrack will be published separately on bandcamp and sold on steam as well.
  • etc.

Indiegogo backers can be expected to be emailed their steamkeys and other rewards based on their pledges.

But enough of that, to celebrate the announcement date, if you own a windows computer, you can take part in creating your own color palettes for the main character in the game (which are unlocked upon beating the game).

Check out the video below to learn more on how you can take part:

Right Click this image and click save as to download the .png image.

download Palette Generator (Pixelatedpope.itch.io)
download base image

(if you can't view the video)

1. open palette generator
2. click Add More Sprites
3. Locate Base Image
4. Hit OK
5. Hit Yes

6. Hit New (next to 'BASE') to make a new palette strip
7. Select a color, adjust it to your liking and hit apply
8. When you are done, hit EXPORT PALETTE SPRITE and send the strip image


(Can send max of 3 to me cheers!)

tinywarriordev (at) gmail (dot) com

or the discord Discordapp.com


Thanks for reading!


Ato BETA has begun!

Ato BETA has begun!


Ato Beta is finally here! playthrough the fullgame now!

Ato Update/Recap (Also discord!)

Ato Update/Recap (Also discord!)


Showcasing new updates and recapping everything that has been done since Ato was successfully funded!

Ato Crowdfunding campaign, 70% to its goal!

Ato Crowdfunding campaign, 70% to its goal!


Ato is running an Crowdfunding campaign to help get it published and marketed. It's 70% funded but still needs help with reaching it's goal by the end...

Ato now on IndieDB

Ato now on IndieDB


Hello everyone, Project ATO is now on IndieDB, here you will find a PC Demo and other goodies as well. Please give the demo a try if you haven't. What...

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Ato Beta v0

Ato Beta v0


Beta version, features full game (with potential bugs). Various features such as difficulty, unlocks and localization.

Ato Demo

Ato Demo


This is the latest PC DEMO build of Ato, It has music, sounds and other bug fixes. It should take around 15-30 mins to playthrough. It also supports Controllers...

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