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The game you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this game, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.

Change of Plan
Here at monkeywrench games we have decided to change from using Half life 2's engine to using Torques shader engine' SO you will see this game having a singleplayer and multiplayer'
With this new engine we have no coded these effects into the engine

Motion Blurr
Depth Feild
and we just have bloom
The engine already comes with the latest shader and bump mapping'

We will keep you updated at we go alone but we are not making the mod on Half life 2's engine' We are making a full single player and multiplayer game'

The project started back in the world war when prisoners sentenced to death row where tested on with alpha and beta drugs, after they started to run out of death row patients they started looking in different places for patients' Now the year is 1980 and the Location is
Crowthrone Asylum, England after shutting down the west wing for disclosed matters' They turn the west wing into their testing facilities' After making a major breakthrough in their research they found out they can change the Human genes' The three case files that have made this possible are Crane Epsilon 11, Meadowlark Phi 9 and Peregrine Theta 3' After a power failure the three patients manage to escape from their cells'


Casefile Subject Codename: Crane Epsilon 11
Patient # 105765
Name: Desmond J' Driscoll
Age: 32
Height: 6' 0'' (183 cm)
Weight: 187 lbs (85 kg)
Psychological Profile: Acute Mania / Demensia
Experiment Focus: Self-Created Energy Dispersal, Eye Enhancement, Body Strengthening
Powers: Thicker Skin (Less Damage Taken)
Hawkeye Implants (Sight Distance Enhancement, High Accuracy, Natural Night vision)
Increased Relaxes (Quicker Weapon Firing, Usage, and Reloading)
Body Enhancement (Faster Movement, Farther Throwing Distance)
Natural Energy Dispersal (Thermal Constitution, Electrical Creation
& Control, Moisture Freezing, Air Regulation)

Casefile Subject Codename: Meadowlark Phi 9
Patient # 100046
Name: Nils Unknown
Age: 23
Height: 5' 11'' ( 180 cm)
Weight: 143 lbs ( 65 kg)

Psychological Profile: Schizoaffective and Manic Depression
Experiment Focus: Sound Waves and Vibrations Modulation, plus Minor Body
Powers: Visualizing Sound Waves (Seeing Sources of Sound Originations)
High Pitch Sound Creation (Deafening, Glass Breaking)
Low Vibration Creation (Seismic Shockwaves, Heart Beat Alteration, Hi-Jump)
Vibration of Melee Weaponry (Vibrations Cause Melee Weapons to Cut Easier Through Tougher Surfaces)
Sound Wave Modulation (Create Sound waves in Far Away Locations as Distraction)
Personal Sound Muffling (Ability To Run at Highest Speed Without Making a Sound, Speed Stealth, Gun Muffling)
Boosted Physical Agility (Nimble, Quick, Silent)

Casefile Subject Codename: Peregrine Theta 3
Patient # 089479
Name: Ellwood Templer
Age: 30
Height: 6' 1'' ( 185 cm)
Weight: 160 lbs ( 72 kg)

Psychological Profile: Mental Disconnection / Anguish, Paranoia, Epilepsy
Experiment Focus: Mental Enhancement
Powers: Telekinesis (Lifting, Floating, Throwing, Disarming, etc)
Mind Control ( Switch Limited amount of Enemies to Friendly NPCs,
Overheat Enemies Brains )
Telepathy (Read Minds to receive key codes, information on certain objectives'''
Mind Absorbance (Partially Absorb other people's Powers for short time)
Mind Cloak (Make Your Character Look Like Someone Else [Enemies may
still Interrogate you] )
Remove Viewing (See Through Walls)

The gameplay is based around a single player storyline but multiplayer action' It is the patients jobs to escape from the asylum and not
get caught buy the guards and it is the guards job to stop the patients escaping
anyway they can'

Three people at max can on Patients side and everyone else is on
the guards side trying to stop the patients escaping if you die whilst a guards
you will respawn but if you a patients you will stay died'

Weapons- Security Guards will have weapons such as:

Needles (which can send the patient to sleep)
Smoke Grenades
Flash Grenades

Weapons - For patients will be:

Glass Shards
Sharpe Tooth brushes
Deodorant can and lighter
and their speical powers'

Link link to view concept of maps

Theme song
Music will be player whilst playing game to give and intense feel and play to the game'


Singleplayer had been in development for 6 months now and is making great progress, singleplayer is a stand-alone game that takes after a different patient not in multiplayer'

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Resurrecting the Dead


WOW its been over 1 year since we've last updated this game.

May i say sorry, things have really got piled up with finishing my A-levels, having a break from everything and going to Univercity. I can now say that I am bringing the game back from the dead. We have lost a lot of the team so I will be asking later on for people to help out. I have lots of things half done for this game so once i have things finished I will show them off till then I'm off to work.

Long Time No See


Sorry about no media update but our modeller has been in hospital later he has now just come out all well and good. I would like to tell you about a few...

Change for the Best

Change for the Best

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After some debating and thinking the team have decided to change the mod asylum to a different engine. The team have been busy saving the past couple...

New Website's/Forum


We know its been abit since our last update but the server we was using went down for a couple of days and we lost quiet a few files, we have also been...




Well it's been two days and already we have something new to show you. We have carefully made this teaser wallpaper for people to download. Here...

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Wallpaper 800x600


Wallpaper 800x600 a background image for your computers desktop

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HEy, I have been keeping track of this mod for sometime.

I am glad you decided to use the torque engine instead because HL2 is not as moddable.

Anyway. If you guys are excepting beta testers, hit me up at mmmcoke@gmail.com

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Jack_blits Creator

Its my mates band Void I edited and cut bits i like and we have rights to there stuff

They have split up but you can check out there website www.voidonline.co.uk

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theme song is GREAT i might say. hope the rest of your work will be of equal quality. who is the composer?

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"Remove Viewing (See Through Walls)"
Weeee! Buillt in wallhack? :D Great idea, cheaters will love this game :P

As I stated before, I love the concept - now I wait for some in-game shots :)

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Jack_blits Creator

yea our server went down so im just uploading again thnks for message

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Theme song link seems broken. Like the images :D
Good luck!

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I like the idea :) Waiting for more :)

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good ideah for a mod. Will be watching this one.

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ii will be watching

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