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Dive into Var’Nagal, a world filled with mysteries. Your nomadic tribe has been defeated. Here you are, captive, in the ship of your enemies. The Maccialatt’s army doesn’t try to hide the truth : you are going to be sold as a slave. Your fate is uncertain. What cards are you going to play ? In ARISEN, you are able to do more than just survive : thanks to your skills, you shall make alliances and seek power, wealth, acknowledgment.


Arisen is a story-driven game where you must lay your cards on the table to get through. How will you play the game ? Explore your environment and make your relationships progress to get new interactions. According to your choices, some cards will be taken away, temporary or definitively.

Key Features

  • Innovative Gameplay: you are able to act according to your card deck. Make it evolve and use it wisely.
  • Thrilling story: In Var’Nagal, legends are numerous. Arisen only shows a preview.
  • Romance: True love will be your last sanctuary in this hostile land.
  • Many endings: Even if you have been enslaved, you are still an actor of your own destiny.
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It's been a long time since we had news to share with you.
Today we release the first public demo of ARISEN as "ARISEN: Prologue". I hope you'll like it!
Link to the steam page

The main characters of ARISEN, step by step

The main characters of ARISEN, step by step


Today we’re going to talk about creating characters. More precisely, main characters, the ones you’ll love, hate, kiss, kill, whatever ! As a writer...

ARISEN, our very first video game is in development !

ARISEN, our very first video game is in development !


We are pleased to eventually announce the development of first projet : ARISEN ! Our team is really enthousiastic and we are so proud to share more details...

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