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Aquatico is an underwater survival city-builder set on the ocean floor. The Earth’s surface has become a barren wasteland, forcing humanity to pour any remaining hope for a new beginning into the depths of the sea. Upon discovering a world below the tides, the opportunity to start over is within reach. Despite the new beginning, the dangers and challenges that lie ahead won’t make surviving under the sea a simple task…

Build a unique city underwater to escape a dying world. Survive the challenges of the sea and construct your base over multiple levels. Use the seabed to build core infrastructure and production facilities, while the domed layers above will house your people from the dangers of the depths.

Discover diverse biomes, gather resources, secure temperature readings and manage the multiple levels of your underwater base. Just be wary of natural sea life, as provoking creatures as you build and harvest may trigger dangerous events. Sharks and whales swarming your city may not be ideal…

Unlock new technologies and buildings through a vast research tree to determine how you construct your underwater city. From defense grids and drone recycling to sushi houses and oxygen extractors. The route you take will determine the city you create.

Use drones and submarines, construct production lines and oversee expeditions to investigate the dark depths of the sea. Expeditions will bring rewards and rare resources that are crucial to life. Success brings the opportunity to delve deeper into the unknown. Who knows what secrets hide across the ocean floor?

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Welcome, ambitious Sea people!

Today, one of the most important parts of our long development is coming to an end. Aquatico has been released!

You can now dive deep into the oceans and start building your submerged Utopia. The task is not easy, but with good planning and an ambitious vision, everything is possible.

AQ Release 01

Our entire studio wishes you a warm welcome and a successful journey. There isn't much we can say about the game that hasn't been said already. The release version contains quite a lot of the things you haven't seen in demo version yet, and that especially goes for the later game content that wasn't reachable in the demo anyways.

The demo itself will be kept on the Steam store page, and regularly updated as well to match the release game version. It will of course remain much more limited in scope, but still a good look into the full game. Anyone on the fence if Aquatico is the experience they're looking for - you can always grab the demo and take a look with no strings attached.

We'd like to emphasize that we don't consider our work done just yet. We'll be standing by to offer any assistance, join into conversations and continue to work on updates and any potential patches. Alongside that, we already have a decent list of further improvements and additions, all gathered in the last several months by numerous players of the demo, both Playtest versions and the pre-release game version as well. All that will form a basis of the post-release updates where we plan to refine and upgrade the gameplay experience further.

AQ Release 02

To help out new players find their way around the world of Aquatico, you can always check out some of our short tutorial videos on specific topics:

As you start the game, we can suggest that you leave the tutorial section enabled. It's really not long, and can help out in understanding the basics of the game faster.

We're looking forward to seeing what beautiful underwater cities you'll create, let us know your thoughts and suggestions. If you experience any technical issues, you can report them in the bugs & technical thread on the Steam forum, or join our Discord here:


Our email is also available for any feedback or technical support:

Well, enough from us - Aquatico awaits!

Enjoy and may you find success under the waves!

Aquatico dev diary - Expeditions and exploration

Aquatico dev diary - Expeditions and exploration


The fifth developer video is here, and we're talking about Expeditions this time, a non-essential feature in Aquatico, but fun nonetheless. Plus, expeditions...

Aquatico dev diary - Environment and the beautification system

Aquatico dev diary - Environment and the beautification system


More details on the environment points system and how to best use it.

Aquatico dev diary - Domes

Aquatico dev diary - Domes


Pressurized domes and some tricks for managing them in Aquatico, an underwater city builder.

Aquatico dev diary - Food system

Aquatico dev diary - Food system


Some details on food management, tips & tricks to tackle this in advance in Aquatico, the underwater city builder.

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