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Antumbra is a very odd game. It's creepy, scary, horror and incredibly hard. So hard, that you can and should expect to die dozens of times. My inspiration was things such as Darkseed, Silent Hill, Hellraiser, Event Horizon, Shivers and Lovecraft. Antumbra is also a very special "thing" to me. Because I've made it mostly for myself. Because right now, I am having a very difficult time in my life. And I had to vent. So I took all my nightmares, my fears, my anger, sorrow and misery... And I turned it into a game. Antumbra is the most personal creation I ever made. It's also my first game, that I made from scratch, and finished - all by myself. The game was supposed to be a lot bigger but I had to cut that out due to lack of time. And It's also the first adventure game I ever tried developing. I would like to make Antumbra 2, with better graphics and longer gameplay but I have no idea would anybody actually play it. So here's this. Please support me - and I'll make more.

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Fixed bugs. Added Medals-Realod on Newgrounds, Save Reset button to fix your broken saves, recorded an official walkthrough for Antumbra - go check it out!

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Antumbra Official Walkthrough

Hellooo :D
So I've uploaded a new version of Antumbra with the promised "Medal-Checker" button and also added a "Reset Save" button at the Warning screen.
Medal-Checker can be found inside Medals screen, on the left. Just click it and it should run a check on your medals and reward you with the missing ones.
"Reset Save" is there if you save got bugged, corrupted or something. It will just reset your progress in game. Of course, without taking medals off you :)
Remember to CLEAR your web browser cach if you played Antumbra before!

I've also tried to solve the problem with game freezing and I got it fixed. If you run into something bad - please send me a PM.

I did the scary thing and recorded an official Antumbra Walkthrough. You can watch it here:
Inside the video you will learn all the solution to any riddles, needed to complete the game. Plus, you will hear a lot of my broken English and see my ugly face. Yay! :D

Goes to Tom Fulp. A day ago, he pretty much saved Antumbra and my future. Kudos Tom. Once I'll earn that 2 mil dollars I am sending half of the loot to you. No seriously guys, I owe him. Big time. Spam him with love and your naked pics (If you happened to be a woman that is).
You. Yes, you. You who are reading this. Because you made this. You enabled this to happened. And without you my dear comrade - I would be nowhere. And I owe you too.

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