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Antumbra is a very odd game. It's creepy, scary, horror and incredibly hard. So hard, that you can and should expect to die dozens of times. My inspiration was things such as Darkseed, Silent Hill, Hellraiser, Event Horizon, Shivers and Lovecraft. Antumbra is also a very special "thing" to me. Because I've made it mostly for myself. Because right now, I am having a very difficult time in my life. And I had to vent. So I took all my nightmares, my fears, my anger, sorrow and misery... And I turned it into a game. Antumbra is the most personal creation I ever made. It's also my first game, that I made from scratch, and finished - all by myself. The game was supposed to be a lot bigger but I had to cut that out due to lack of time. And It's also the first adventure game I ever tried developing. I would like to make Antumbra 2, with better graphics and longer gameplay but I have no idea would anybody actually play it. So here's this. Please support me - and I'll make more.

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i watched markiplier play this and whoa nelly i love it XD i love the way its unique and doesn't follow any other games procedures! thats what makes it the most entreating for me. for a firsty, this is excellent! hope to see more like this!

For the developer's first game, this really is great! It's very unique with a great art style and some really strange imagery. It's quite challenging at times but it's definitely worth a play!


For the first game, is really good, like the desc, it's based in his own nightmares...
It makes the game, suddenly good, with a lot of Timing and World Checker...
It has a little Puzzle and Strategy, cuz' all corridors you MUST to pass, have a different Secret to find and solve...

If you like, suddenly death or loud sounds for a lot, this game is for you.


Good riddles,unsettling atmosphere

joguei ele primeiro no click jogos,e agora aqui vou tentar baixar ele pq s,e um jogo foda demais

I loved it! The characters, the riddles, the art, everything!
Please make more games like that. It was epic


This is a masterpiece.
An utter, masterpiece.

I love the art direction you went for, and the way the story's told in an abstract format.

I'm blown away by this, and I believe you deserve recognition for your skill.


This really amazed me. At first I just thought this would be one of these generic-kinda-horror-thingys. Boy, was I wrong...

This is so insane and creative I love it!! Also kudos for artstyle and the grunt soundfx's (<- best!).

We seriously need more like this in our universe!


- Pac-Satan

Well its an horrot point n click game............Well i can't say much though.........I don't like it.............nor hate it..........but its good to say the least...................but to unfair................yeah 9/10


Sir, i want to say to you that you did an amazing job here, i love this game, and your efforts has been worth! I hope your personal life is going to the good way and hope that your problems dissapear, this is a good way to clear your mind and share a little of you to the people, by that, this game is amazing 10/10
I did a gameplay in spanish and sir, your game will be known in every hispanic country who see the video!
And i dont know if it could be possible but a translated version to spanish would be amazing, at the moment, i'm translating by myself in the video while i'm playing
If you need help with the translation, i'm up for the work!

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