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NOTE: Before calling this a Slender rip-off/clone, the prototype (which will only contain a few of the many levels we have planned) will have one of the only levels based on item collection, and the scraps of paper are NOT the typical "HE WILL RAPE YOU" (one that is just ignorant bull) or "ALWAYS WATCHES, NO EYES". No. The pages you are collecting appear as Journal Entries that have a VERY good reason for being there. If you still have issues with that, despite us doing SOMETHING to make it original, then that is your problem, not ours.
In addition, The Employer and the Slender Man are two completely different characters altogether, sharing the same overall appearance, but little else.
The prototype will be VERY basic compared to what we are hoping that the full version will be. When we start working on the full version, our first endeavour will be to develop a demo based on the prototype. So far this is our to-do list in terms of development:
1. Prototype developed in Unreal Engine 4, once again, will probably be very basic compared to what we are hoping to achieve in the full version due to having a small team, but hopefully our team will be bigger when we start on the full version.
2. We'll try to build Walshinator Productions up more, getting more and more people on board as we go and hopefully learn more about UE4 OR we start working on a Custom game engine made for it which we will learn to use.
3. Make a demo in the custom engine based on the prototype (or, if a custom engine turns out to be out of the question at that point, improve the prototype with new mechanics and features).
4. Start working on the full version of ALWAYS HUNTING - Jacob's Story. If it's in a custom engine, which we are seriously considering, then it may take longer or shorter.
Sorry to come on top of you guys with all of the serious things first, but it’s necessary so that I can now talk about the good stuff ;)
ALWAYS HUNTING – Jacob’s Story is a psychological horror game that puts you into the perspective of Jacob Marks, a young man who recently lost his father due to a brutal homicide. It is when Jacob is called to the Police Station that he learns that there may be more to the killing than what was originally thought. When he gets home, he finds his father’s room in a complete mess with paper strewn everywhere and security cameras on the ceiling, still recording. He finds tapes stashed in the drawers of his father’s desk, on which he views some disturbing content.
As he watches the tapes, strange events start occurring, beings and entities – natural, supernatural, and unknown – start to come for him, memories that can’t be his own flood his mind; dreams and nightmares haunt his sleep, and the one behind it cannot be fought or killed, your best hope is to run and pray that you are fast enough.It becomes clear that this is not merely a game of slides and shadows, it is a game of the mind – man’s greatest strength becomes his greatest weakness. Never assume anything, although I’m sure you will, which is what will make the experience all the better.For the gameplay style itself, we are hoping to achieve a mix of sorts of Outlast, Haunted Memories, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Slender: The Arrival as well as some enemy mechanics seen in other games like the Bioshock series as well as some custom mechanics.
We are going to try to make the gameplay mechanics as realistic as possible.The overall aim of the game is based on the player's need to survive, so there will be a range of objectives, choice elements, and it will be clear that - while The Employer is the main antagonist - IT is not the only thing you need to worry about.

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On Hold


Hey people, after speaking to one of the heads of my University's Incubator Program that I mentioned in my last post, I've been doing a lot of thinking about the ALWAYS HUNTING - Jacob's Story Prototype and wondering if taking it into Incubator is the best course of action.

Basically one of the questions I had was whether building a small part of a larger game and having a few levels built by the end of the year would be okay. His answer was that there's no problem with it but they generally recommend building a smaller experience, something that can be sold, and what I wanted was for the UE4 Prototype for AH-JS to be free and use it to get popularity for the full version fundraiser when that launches. However if I am to take the AH-JS Prototype into Incubator then I will either have to:
A. Sell it, which means that I'll have to take it off GameJolt and lose a host for downloading because it will no longer be a free game and it also means I have to go back on my word that the UE4 Prototype would be free.
B. Take it into Incubator and put it up for free as originally intended, and not be able to pay anyone who goes into Incubator with me, which is something I hadn't thought about. This would be bad because they're basically paying around $16,000 to put in a lot of hard work on it and may not even get anything out of it, which I don't think would be fair to them since they'll need to cover living expenses.

So that's the problem, but is there a solution? My answer is King of Shadows, which is another project that I have been doing bits and pieces of planning for over the past month or so and have recently gone full-force into in the last couple of weeks.

King of Shadows is set to be an episodic narrative-driven, third-person action-adventure title that follows the story of Aryn Lux, who discovers that she is the last of a race known as the Lumin; a people known for wielding light energy that were eradicated, with only her mother escaping the genocide while bearing Aryn.
Soon after learning of her heritage, the one responsible for the slaughter – the mysterious entity known as the Shadow King – begins to advance his plot to conquer the world and plunge it into darkness.
Thrust into a situation bigger than herself, Aryn is given the mission of uniting the races to stand against the Shadow People and destroying the Shadow King. To do that, she must learn to use and control her power of light.
In the face of an impending darkness, a small ray of hope remains, but will it be enough?

I am in the process of creating the Game Design Document and the Trello board. To learn more about the project, be sure to check out the blog on my online portfolio, which I am committing to updating weekly.

As much as I dislike the idea of pushing AH-JS even further back, at this point it seems like the best course of action. It doesn't mean that AH-JS will be cancelled forever, but rather on the shelf until we can find another approach towards developing it.

I'm sorry if this disappoints anyone, and I promise I'll put my best effort into making King of Shadows a success, because the way I see it if it is successful and sells well then it means we can have a budget to put towards projects such as AH-JS. Plus the way I'm going right now I have a lot of good stuff planned for King of Shadows and I'm not planning to slack off, because I will have people to spam me with messages if I'm not keeping up with my weekly updates.

I hope that this new project will be received just as well ALWAYS HUNTING - Jacob's Story, if not better, where you will see real progress being made.

Daniel "TheWalshinator" Walsh

Where are we now?

Where are we now?


I can imagine a lot of you will have questions. All will be answered in this update.

UPDATE 13/12/2015

UPDATE 13/12/2015


Completed my first year of my Game Design Course, took a week to relax and now I'm ready to get back to business.

Soundtrack release and other info

Soundtrack release and other info

News 1 comment

Project is still on hold, but for the time being the soundtrack for The Test is available and a small announcement.

On temporary hiatus

On temporary hiatus


Currently facing problems with the level designer's computer and a University project I have for the next couple of months.

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The Test - Soundtrack

The Test - Soundtrack


The Soundtrack for the level "The Test" in the UE4 Prototype of ALWAYS HUNTING - Jacob's Story.



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TheWalshinator Creator

Thanks :)

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TheWalshinator Creator

I thought I replied to this ages ago
Anyway, thank you :D

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WOW Walsh you made your own productions cool, r u still working for hades thought? or are you on your own? this is awesome!

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TheWalshinator Creator

I'll still be helping out here and there, maybe shouting an idea here or contributing a model there, but most of my attention will be given to this and the other projects to come :)

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Can't wait to play this! :D

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Haven't posted here in a while... anyway as for progress I'm making animations for The Employer Prntscr.com ~Walsh

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