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Reload your shotgun, sharpen your sword and rev that chainsaw; Deadhill town is teeming with zombies, and it’s your job to put ‘em down! The fate of humanity rests in the hands of four unlikely heroes: Jack, the gamer; Rachel, the girl; Brian, the geek; and Luxo, the alien. Go it alone, or enlist the services of up to three like-minded chums to survive the zombie apocalypse. The spiritual successor to Burn Zombie Burn!, AZMD! builds on the classic twin-stick shooter formula with a smattering of role-playing features. Level up characters, complete side quests and collect items to craft deadly new weapons. There’s no shortage of options in how you choose to dispose of the undead, but the brain-chompers aren’t going to take it lying down. The shuffling cadavers come in varying shapes and sizes, and are affected by four environmental modifiers; fire, radiation, sonic and shock. Use your weapons and the environment carefully, and you might just make it out in one piece.

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The Indie Royale game bundle site offers a great catch of indie games in the Gone Fishin' Bundle, featuring seven independent games, including three games exclusively debuting on this bundle for PC!

The first bait on the hook is Seamless Entertainment's Unreal Engine-powered 3D space-action game: SOL: Exodus now available for Windows on Steam, Desura and DRM-free. Save humanity from the dying sun by finding a new home, and blast your way through multiple missions while enjoying easy-to-grasp Wing Commander-esque controls and core gameplay alongside an involved story. Destructoid calls SOL: Exodus an "accessible, exciting spacefighter sim" and suggests that "(a)nyone looking for a good space dogfight should feel obliged to give it a try."

If that isn't enough to reel you in, Doublesix Games' undead-heavy topdown shooter All Zombies Must Die! will surely tempt you to bite. Available for Windows on Steam, this game offers a smattering of role-playing and strategy features, an unexpected cartoon-like art style and witty dialogue filled with clever pop-culture references. For those who played All Zombies Must Die! on the PSN or XBLA, you'll be pleased to note that the PC release offers relief to zombie swarming by adding a new 'treacle' mechanic, "which will allow players to wade through otherwise impassible zombie crowds."

Also offered in this tempting bundle are two games from 3 Sprockets, led by Cubemen, an acclaimed tower defense title now available for Windows and Mac on Steam, Desura and DRM-free. Play out the epic battle between red and blue by placing pixel men on the board to defend your base across 35 levels. The Skirmish mode offers what Gamezebo calls "a refreshing twist on tower defense" where players get to play against the AI or in multiplayer mode across 25 additional levels. Also from 3 Sprockets is bonus game VectorGeddon available for Windows and Mac as a DRM-free standalone exclusively on Indie Royale. It's a fast-paced Missile Command style game where players spawn missile silos around the planet, and target incoming asteroids to destroy them in order to keep the population of Earth from hitting zero.

Suitably included in this 'fishy' bundle is Squids from The Game Bakers, available for Windows and Mac on Desura and DRM-free. Offering a clever mix of action strategy and RPG, this game is based on saving the world of the squids from an evil black ooze that threatens to destroy civilization by building a team of heroes to fight epic turn-based battles against corrupted crabs and shrimps. Touch Arcade calls the iOS versions of Squids "kinetic, clean, charming, and particularly streamlined" and says the game "has a ton of character, fun, and unique constructs to share."

Last on the fishing lure are two PC debuts from Magiko Gaming: Platformance: Castle Pain and Platformance: Temple Death, both devious side-scrolling 'masocore' platformers available for Windows on Desura and DRM-free. Originally developed for Xbox Live Indie Games, these games are tough as nails but satisfying to beat. Platformance: Castle Pain stars a heavily armored knight who must overcome various challenging platform goodness to save the princess. Also debuting is Platformance: Temple Death, which is based on saving famous starlet Grace Belly by navigating though traps and challenges as an adventurer with a hat and whip. Indie Gamer Chick notes that the series is "pretty to look at, sound wonderful, and (...) offers a legitimate challenge without going out of their way to be unfair."

Finally, those who pay $8 USD or their currency equivalent during the Gone Fishin' Bundle will get 'Pocustone' the debut album from Floex (aka Tomas Dvorak), the Czech musician who created the lauded Machinarium soundtrack. This critically acclaimed album bridges relatively isolated genres such as nu-jazz, electronic and modern contemporary music, and appears in a bundle for the first time here.

More information on Gone Fishin' Bundle, including real-time statistics and its current price, is available at its official website or via its Facebook and Twitter pages. And a final reminder - the people who buy, the more the price will go up, unless kind buyers drop the price, so take the bait and grab a bundle today!


Same developer as Burn Zombie Burn, and just like his other game, the controls aare contorted, and totally off the wall.

To configure your 2 stick controller you have to look deep in the mouse settings.

Poor controls, simple unchallenging AI, and generic point to point gameplay make me really regret buying this when it was new on Steam.

Atleast the guys modeling and animation has improved. The sounds are a little better too.

You would need to be a pretty serious zombie shooter fan to pay $10 for this.

For a real decent 2 stick shooter give NationRed a try. They totally nailed control, graphics, and multiplayer gameplay.

I really dont see what teh big deal is about the sound track either. It sounds extremely generic.

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too bad that it needs steam to play, kinda being on desura became pointless.

not that i'm against steam, but desura already has its own client, so why the need to start steam to play this game ?

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Rachel, the girl? ah what? -.-

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looks pretty cool, I wish it would be coop online, then this would definitely be something interesting for me. Too bad it isn't :-/

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Looking beautiful , tracking.

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The All Zombies Must Die! demo is now live on Steam! Give it a whirl. Store.steampowered.com #AZMD

May 21 2012

RT @CheekyLee: I really should thank @doublesix and @JaminEatWorld for the rather great All Zombies Must Die! Scorepocalypse, by the way. Brilliant fun!

May 8 2012

Update!: Star Trek - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Bundle - OUT NOW Doublesixgames.com

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