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You are a stewardess on an Aero National flight. It is your job to keep the passengers happy by providing them with good service. Everything you need has been provided to you at your state of the art prep area. There you can get pillows, food, drinks, and even baby bottles. You can even dispose of passenger trash or items you may have accidentally picked up during the flight. Don't worry the can sorts out trash from recycling so everything can go in it!

During your flight you will meet a variety of people from your Average Joe and Business Man to Old Women and even Babies. The Average Joe is your happy go-lucky passenger who has doesn't mind waiting a bit for you to serve him. The Business Man is the most impatient passenger and if you don't serve him first you may end the flight with one less passenger than you started with. The Old Woman is a happy and patient passenger, but she is also picky. If you don't serve her before too long she may change her mind about what she wants. The baby only ever wants its bottle, but when it cries everyone around it becomes much less patient. Movie stars are the conspicuous fliers. They want two items at a time.

When passengers have questions, a green bubble with a question mark will appear above their head. As time ticks down without you assisting a passenger, that green bubble will become yellow and then red to let you know they are losing their patience. After talking with a passenger once, the bubble will change to let you see what they want. The faster you get a passenger the item they want, the more points you get for serving them.

Like in every flight, turbulence can happen at any time. Unfortunately, the planes weren't equipped with state of the art overhead bins. Therefore, when turbulence happens, luggage will drop out onto the aisles and block your path. Just pick the luggage up and you'll be free to move about the cabin. Before you know it, you'll have landed at your destination and be rewarded for all your hard work.

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Airplane Dash Version 1.01 contains these bug fixes:
[8 issues]
- 0000017: [General] SOUND: Does not work until you go into options for the first time.- 0000015: [General] HUD: In the second compartment of Large Plane, top background bar is missing.- 0000014: [General] HUD: In the second compartment of Large Plane, top right Meter shows up twice.- 0000013: [General] Missing Effect: Meter arrow in Top Right during gameplay.- 0000012: [General] Missing Effect: Score Screen Fireworks.- 0000011: [General] Odd phrasing for purchasing the Outfit.- 0000006: [General] Help: Seating Computer Page - small amount of text blocked by "Previous" button.- 0000004: [General] Clicking the name of an Empty Profile has no easy escape.

Bug Reports can be filed here:

Our Homepage can be found here:

Upcoming Updates

Upcoming Updates


Airplane Dash was completed in September of 2011 by the Full Sail student team, Frobot Prime. Although the team has for the most part gone their separate...

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Airplane Dash - Version 1.01

Airplane Dash - Version 1.01

Full Version 1 comment

Over time we have received feedback from various users indicating issues in the game itself, through this feedback we have decided to release an updated...

Airplane Dash Gold Build

Airplane Dash Gold Build

Full Version

Airplane Dash Version 1.00 is the last release by Frobot Prime at the end of their Final Project at Full Sail University. We hope you enjoy it. :D

Knight_Ken - - 165 comments

I like the game i hope it will be in full version.

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