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Making up for it's subpar retro graphics with fun gameplay and modern multi-threaded tech enabling huge battles to run smooth... Featuring singleplayer challenges, skirmish, sandbox, 10-player multiplayer & workshop modding.

Rusted Warfare is an RTS inspired by classic real-time strategy games with modern tech.

Built for Large Battles

  • Over 50 unique units with many upgrades
  • Optimised multi-core engine easily handles battles of 1000's of units.
  • Experimental units for the big late-game battles
  • Infinite zoom to view and issue commands across the whole battlefield
  • Create your own battles and scenarios in the sandbox editor then play them in multiplayer

Modern Multiplayer

  • Host your own game or play on the dedicated servers
  • Reconnect to disconnected multiplayer games
  • Steam friend matchmaking
  • Save and load multiplayer games for the quick lunch time battle
  • Enable shared unit control between allies.
  • Watch recorded multiplayer replays and save at any point to start playing from
  • Full cross-platform multiplayer between the Windows, Linux and Android versions
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Hello! It's been a while since Alpha 1.1 was posted here in Moddb and other platforms. I'm aware of various broken stuff that needs to be addressed, but most of them aren't really critical, they're just pesky little annoyance here and there.

Pseudodogs and Blind dogs on their lair

Honestly, I have been planning to make Alpha 1.2, but my idea for this build seems a bit major, and if I'm gonna add a big feature (again), it will be better if I should just make the 2nd alpha instead. Alpha 2 will be Combat Oriented update.

Possible additions

(Some are not guaranteed)

  1. There will be 3 new factions, for real: Duty, Freedom, and Mercenaries
  2. New units for the old 3 factions as well. Probably with proper advantages and disadvantages as well.
  3. Grenade Launchers. Either as an upgrade for select weapons, and/or a standalone unit (for most factions)
  4. Vehicles, mostly jeeps and small cars (might take inspiration from various mods for S.T.A.L.K.E.R like Anomaly and OGSE/OGSR <those are the mods i managed to play yet lol>)
  5. New base structures for sure.
  6. Commando-type units for every faction - might make some big decision making for this.
  7. Specialized units like field versions of medics and traders, and possible something for better base expansion
  8. Hopefully, but cannot guarantee, dedicated maps for various sections in the Exclusion Zone
  9. Better pathfinding. So stakers will not walk on anomalies cluelessly.
  10. Random names - actually a planned part since the beginning. As for this, I will wait for the next beta build of Rusted Warfare.
  11. Better stashes and spawns. And better couriers, general a #9 item.
  12. Unsure about radiation. Seems a good addition for third alpha instead as this update will be planned to lean on scientific concepts and stuff.
  13. Of course, bug fixes.

Well, I might just wait for next beta build of RW for real. As for now, I am working day after day to remake and improve my old mod Plastic Warfare, a dedicated BR mod for Rusted Warfare that was made way ahead of its time (not really a buzzword, but it's too advanced for 1.13 standards, that's why).

Old version 1 vs remake

Lastly, thanks again for playing the mod! I hope you guys really like it, and please provide feedbacks here and on Discord.

This Week In Mods For November 9th 2019!

This Week In Mods For November 9th 2019!

Feature 1 comment

The biggest mod stories on ModDB for the week of November 9th 2019.

Setting Up Custom Scenarios with Order 66

Setting Up Custom Scenarios with Order 66

[Clone Wars Mod] by LemonSqueezy Starting a mod

This is a tutorial to set up a custom scenario for the mod on any map with the sandbox editor.

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C&C Rusted Alert: WW2 (v0.9)

C&C Rusted Alert: WW2 (v0.9)

C&C Rusted Alert: WW2 Full Version

The Full release. Please read description for more detail...

Steel and Flesh 2 (mod by Asep) (Not mine)

Steel and Flesh 2 (mod by Asep) (Not mine)

Steel and Flesh 2 (mod by Asep) (Not mine) Full Version

Vikings, Kamakura shogunate, Ayyubids, Byzantines, Delhi sultanate. (More coming)

Control Point Gamemode - V1.0

Control Point Gamemode - V1.0

Control Points - Gamemode for Rusted Warfare Full Version

Now supports all (Most, some are broken on NotTiled) vanilla maps, some visual changes.



Steamlands Full Version 1 comment

3 new units, players can now give resources to other players, infantry now comes in squads, ai is now much more challeging, balance changes, bug fixes...



Steamlands Full Version 6 comments

New update that brings many new features, Altitude Systeam for aircrafts and AA units, reworked Energy System, new units, new structure, better visual...



STFU Full Version 1 comment

The first mod i release on this site for the game rusted warfare. This latest version was made for last Christmas and I hadn't worked on it since but...


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After few more addons, this will be better than Supreme Commander. In whole this thing something is .ucking miss. Maybe civilian towns under siege or similar scripted atmosphere from Red Alert, i don`t know.
Dynamic of that type is in question.

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