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Aether Story is a passion project mixing the aesthetic of our most beloved retro JRPGs with the modern MMO-like game play elements, allowing us to create a co-op adventure that you can play with your friends.

Explore the world as a hero with a mysterious past, as you learn the world is being destroyed by dark forces. Are you the hero that will save mankind? Are you the hero of light? Join Aether Story and make a name for yourself.

Features: Fast paced Battles. Handcrafted, detailed Locations. Engaging Storylines. Group Dungeons and Adventures. Co-Op Multiplayer Combat. Custom Character Specialization.

Release Platforms: Releasing first on Windows and Mac OSX Desktops.

Development Updates:
Weekly Development Updates: follow @phanxgames on Twitter.
Larger updates: check out the Dev Blog.

If you'd like to be the first to experience Aether Story, please download the Alpha here!

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Urgent Bulletin:

Attention: Heroes Blessed with Light! The barrier between the Spirit Realm and the Realm of the Living grows weak! The assistance is required by able body adventurers that are blessed with light and can withstand interdimensional travel. Urgent aid is required to complete my ritual to strengthen the barrier and to stop the Spirits from taking over our Realm! Find me with haste in the middle of the Domhan Outpost, directly outside of the Blacksmith. You can't miss me, I am standing infront of a large Spirit Gate. I will reward you handsomely for your help.

- Witch Sobbana

Welcome to the Aether Story Halloween Event

October 1st to October 31st

Welcome all to the Aether Story Halloween Event, the time of the year where the barrier between the living and the dead weakens, and Spirits come out to play! The people of the world come together to decorate their dwellings to try to scare spirits away, placing pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, and cobwebs everywhere.


Sobbana, an expert of the Spirit Realm, is the only one who can stop the barrier from completely collapsing. She wishes for help in completing a ritual at the end of the month to close the barrier and return balance. Her ritual requires the collection of thousands of Spirit Charms to seal the barrier. The only problem, the Spirit Charms can only be found in the Spirit Realm itself! No mortal dare venture into the Spirit Realm to retrieve them, because in order to exit the Spirit Realm requires you to face Death himself, the keeper of the realm!

The good news is, you, the heroes blessed with light, are protected from Death's influence. But not so fast! There is only one way to get to the Spirit Realm without actually dying: traveling through a Spirit Gate. Thankfully there is a Spirit Gate right in the middle of the Domhan Outpost that you can use. But sadly it needs Spirit Souls to activate. Yet, because Spirits are roaming the realm you may be able to collect their soul's and bring them back to Witch Sobbana who will open the Spirit Gate for you.

So into the Spirit Realm you go! Death is no stranger to the blessing of light surrounding you, and instead of trying to put you at danger, decides to have a little fun with you. He wants to watch you get lost, he wants to watch you struggle. You must explore the endless corridors of the Spirit Realm and get lost in his mazes. While you are exploring these mazes you may come across lost spirits who are either enjoying the company of a new face and give Spirit Charms, or miserable that they have been trapped in the very same maze for millions of years. Once you complete the maze, you must pass Death himself to exit the Spirit Realm. But doing so will reward you with even more Spirit Charms.

With enough Spirit Charms you return to Witch Sobbana, where she will give you rewards if you trade enough Spirit Charms to her. So if you are brave enough, be sure to visit Witch Sobbana at once! You will find her in the middle of the Domhan Outpost, you can't miss her, she is standing in front of a large Spirit Gate outside the Blacksmith.

This event lasts October 1st to October 31st, giving you plenty of time to collect as much Spirit Charms as possible!

Download the Aether Story Alpha now, the event is now live!

Monthly Donation Reward: Luna the Black Cat Pet

In the spirit of Halloween, this month's monthly donation reward is Luna the Black Cat! If you donate at least $10 this month you will get Aether Story's first cat pet, and a cute black cat at that! Don't miss out, because when this month is over, Luna will no longer be obtainable! Donate today!

Luna may appear as an ordinary Black Cat, but rumor has it if you turn your back to her, she shows intellgence far beyond that of an ordinary cat. The legend is Luna was once the familar of a powerful Witch known by Rita, that lived deep within the Ceonead forest. Being the familar means that Luna could be more than a cat, but an immortal being trapped within a cat's form. Sadly, Witch Rita has been missing for decades and Luna needs a new home... Will you adopt Luna? Perhaps Luna will be the perfect companion as you explore the dark scary mazes of the Spirit Realm, giving you courage in your time of need!

Donate today!

What are you waiting for? Join the Event today!

Over 50 players have already logged into the Aether Story Halloween Event and have spent over 100 hours combine hunting for Spirit Charms. You can join in on the fun and aid Witch Sobbana in saving the realm!

You may download the early Alpha access easily through itch.io:

We are really enthusiastic to have you play our game! Being a small indie game
dev company, we depend on your support to keep us going.
Please consider making a small donation to help us fund the continuous
development of Aether Story! It will really help us out.

2D Tile Based Movement: Key Priority (with Stack)

2D Tile Based Movement: Key Priority (with Stack)

Client Side Coding Tutorial

If you ever are in a situation like me where you are trying to develop your own 2D tile based movement system where the characters walk full tiles at...

thephantomx26 Creator

The game is not dead. Expect more updates soon. My apologizes on missing this comment and neglecting this site.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Would it be possible to purchase early beta access?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
thephantomx26 Creator

Thank you for your interest in supporting our game! We will have funding options available later this year! Please follow us here at IndieDB, www.twitter.com/phanxgames @phanxgames and consider signing up at www.rpglegend.com/beta to stay in the loop!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This looks like it has a good promise! I'm quite interested!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
thephantomx26 Creator

Thank you for showing interest! If you haven't already be sure to sign up for the Beta www.rpglegend.com/beta

Reply Good karma+2 votes

This game is looking really good. Glad to see it's being posted in more places, definitely deserves more support!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
thephantomx26 Creator

Thanks! Post to all the places! WHOOOH!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This looks awesome! Don't think I've seen a retro styled mmo like this one before. I really love the old games like FF6 as well so I'm going to keep checking back on this one!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
thephantomx26 Creator

Thanks! I am glad you see the inspiration I have taken in creating this game. FF6 is one of the games that we are striving to play like.

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Mar 29 2021

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Mar 27 2021

Today we be doing some #pixelart for our #mmorpg #AetherStory live on twitch! All day long! So be sure to come by a… T.co

Mar 23 2021

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