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Imagine a world where the villages of humans were scattered along mountaintops, and the world below was completely blocked off by an impassible wall of clouds. In a world like that, advancements in air travel would precede both land and sea. This is the kind of world that Aero Empire is set in. In this world, the player can rise through the ranks, from a lowly gunner manning a turret aboard an airship to the commander of several airships, ordering the crew of your own airship and the captains of the airships in your squad. Aero Empire is a cross-genre game, incorporating elements of role-playing games, shooters, flight simulators, and squad combat. Production on the game started November 25th, 2008, and is scheduled to release by the end of 2010, and a potential sequel focusing on nation management may come later. The single player version will be free to download and play, with no restrictions.

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The Menu / AE Test allows you to download and run Aero Empire's current engine, with options to enable and disable effects, and tweak the environment by changing the time of day, day of the month, latitude and longitude of the rendered scene. All options update the current rendering to view how the game will look and test if the game works on your graphics card. Any bugs found should be sent to me, so I can fix them for the final game. Read more for instructions on how to run.

Menu / AE Test

mh... sorry, but it didn't work... I'm confident that I have openGl installed, but when I run the Aero Empire.exe it would only appear a cmd window saying the version of my OS and then a nice little ctd.
I have a SONY laptop with a crappy intel 950 chipset video card.

PS: I'm gonna give it a shot with my linux partion this afternoon. Who knows. Wine may even decide to work on this one.

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terra0nova Author

What OS? It should work on an intel 950 on lowest quality settings, so it might have something to do with the OS. I should probably release a version that prints debug info so I can locate the problem easier.

Also, there is a bug where if it can't find the model and texture files it crashes - that has been fixed, I'll upload it with that fix and the debug info for you to try in a few minutes.

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win xp sp 2. And it's still not working, I'm afraid. I also tried it with wine in my ubuntu partition, and it worked up until the moment I choose a settings, but that was before, I should try it now too.

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terra0nova Author

Did it output any new information?

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sorry for the belated comment, I've only remembered about it now... anyway, I tried it with crossover and it worked fine (well.. finish, the place where the sun would be was a big white square, and there was also a white stripe in the horizon, probably a missing texture crossover isn't loading?

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terra0nova Author

The white square means the sun texture wasn't loaded, and the white stripe is the rings, so the ring texture wasn't loaded. It loads these from the execution directory of the program /textures. Make sure you are running from the directory that the exe is in (double clicking in windows does this), and that the textures folder exists.

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