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Build your ship, defend against drone waves and explore hundreds of sectors filled with stations, asteroids and planets with lots of POIs. The ship systems can be controlled via consoles with several hundred buttons. Craft equipment and blocks, loot the POIs and disabled drones. Upgrade your ship and venture to the center of the galaxy.


  • Hundreds of buttons over multiple consoles and functional blocks
  • Subsystems defined by blocks
  • Docking + station services
  • Power grids + plasma grid, liquids(atmo, fuel, water, coolant) + internal atmosphere
  • Toggle blocks to save power
  • Nuclear reactor + fuel + turbine management


  • Farming, crafting
  • Sleep, eat, heal, drink and more other tasks
  • EVA suit for looting and raiding
  • After you disable drones, go inside them and scavenge resources with tools


  • Hundreds of sectors per galaxy (procedurally generated)
  • Multiple points of interest (stations, asteroid fields, planets, wreckages,....)
  • MFM drive for traveling between sectors
  • Land on planets and explore them with a rover


  • Newtonian physics + autopilot
  • Docking (ship-ship or station-ship)
  • Dogfight against enemy drone waves
  • Mine asteroids + use hook gun to grab the ores


  • Hundreds of items and crafting recipes
  • Drones and bases are filled with loot containers and rare blocks that can be dismantled
  • Stations have many traders (and one secret trader) that can buy your extra loot
  • Many handy inventory shortcuts(hover send, take all if item owned, send stack,....)


  • Hundreds of blocks, majority are functional like cockpit, ship weapons, doors or consoles
  • Extend the hull with hull pieces and wall blocks, the drill can remove hull
  • Repair blocks after drone fights and upgrade them, hull can only be repaired at stations


  • Missions, campaign
  • Many upgradable tiers for blocks
  • Research, skills (coming soon)


  • No loading screens
  • Realistic and complex ship procedures
  • Dock your rover inside of the ship and deploy it on planets
  • Explore wreckages after drone fights


  • Currently using Photon Networking to avoid NAT issues
  • Cross-platform servers
  • Dedicated servers, steam networking and p2p connections will come soon


  • Joystick/controller support
  • Localization (coming soon)
  • Memory efficient (less than 100 MB)
  • Runs on potato rigs
  • Full modding support
  • The game is in early access so expect regular updates with new features and bugfixes
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Adrorium v0.9.1 Win64

Adrorium v0.9.1 Win64

Full Version

Official pre-alpha version Planet landing, colission damage, new rover, new ships, new booster, sniper, aim zoom, simplified crafting tree, craftable...

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The new aim assist will tell you precisely what direction to fire for each weapon in order to land a hit. Wishlist… T.co

Apr 11 2021

New antagonist, presenting the Attatck drone v2. Drone waves have just gotten serious. Wishlist Adrorium on Steam.… T.co

Apr 3 2021

New turret models. Wishlist Adrorium on Steam. Store.steampowered.com #indiedev #gamedev #madewithunityT.co

Mar 29 2021

Simplified the starting procedures for all consoles to a single big juicy button. Wishlist Adrorium on Steam.… T.co

Mar 21 2021

My first devlog is ready, procedural planets & shield bounce and many more new features. Check it out.… T.co

Mar 11 2021

Pew pew pew, implemented first version for the turrets. Wishlist Adrorium on Steam. Store.steampowered.comT.co

Mar 7 2021

Lights have a proper startup gradient effect now. Wishlist Adrorium on Steam. Store.steampowered.com #indiedevT.co

Feb 27 2021

New planet base design, they hold valuable loot and are heavily defended by turrets. Wishlist Adrorium on Steam.… T.co

Feb 21 2021

Added base spawning positions for the new procedural planet generator. Wishlist Adrorium on Steam.… T.co

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