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I have digitized my dog so we can go on walks forever and you can join us too!

This is a short and peaceful walking simulator, inspired by real life.

In This Game You Can:

Pet the dog!

Play fetch & tug of war with our dog

Discover photos

Put things in your backpack

Explore the map

And also relax and enjoy the sounds of nature

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Jigsaw Puzzle Update


I have added 5 new jigsaw puzzles to the game.
You have to find them in the world and then solve them.


Another thing that was added were a couple of game modifiers.
You have to finish the game once to be able to activate them.
The biggest one is "Running shoes", they increase your default move speed so that it is easier to explore and hunt for achievements.


A Walk With My Dog

A Walk With My Dog


Go on a walk with me and my dog in this peaceful exploration game!

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