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An old style, pixel-art graphic adventure, a noir story in black and white. Mavropolis, a dark and corrupted city, where the crime rules and fear is the law. Here, you'll follow Mr. Gilbert, a private detective, in his mission: finding a missing girl. Nothing will be too easy, or to be taken for granted: you'll have to lead your investigations through a path of dangerous ladies, relentless mobsters, dark cults, corrupted policemen and infernal creatures. IMPORTANT NOTE: Caos is not a misspelling. It's not 'chaos'. It's Caos. You can play the game in episodes on Kongregate.com for free.

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Hello everybody!

We are the Expera Game Studio, a young but still ambitious game development team. Up to now, we released some games on many free gaming sites, earning some success. Right now, we’re beginning our first Kickstarter campaign to make our new game, greater and better than the games we already released: ‘A Matter of Caos: No Rest for the Wicked’, which will follow our first game, ‘A Matter of Caos’, a graphic adventure mixing noir detective stories, lovecraftian horrors and a lot of black humor. If you like the old-school adventures, or if you know someone who likes them, give a look to our Kickstarter page: you’ll find any information about the game and the prizes we’re offering to our supporters! If you’d like to help, other than donating us, you could just share our links and speak about us to your friends.

Here's the link to the project: Kickstarter.com

We also developed a small "room escape" game to promote the campaign. You can try it for free here: Experagamestudio.it

You can also help us voting on the Steam Greenlight game page: Steamcommunity.com

Thanks a lot in advance! ;)

ExperaGameStudio Creator

If you want to play the game in episodes for free click this link: Experagamestudio.it

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